The #1 Style Secret of the Fashion World's Richest Women


Getty Images

Many of the shopping and style habits of wealthy women can be a bit out of reach, but we’ve found the one style secret that’s achievable by everyone, regardless of your access to designer items. After poring over photos of some of the richest self-made women in fashion, we found one interesting commonality: sartorial consistency. These women have found their signature style and rarely deviate from that look. If you think about it, narrowing your fashion playing field has a ton of benefits. Once you’ve defined your personal style, you can focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the key brands and silhouettes that work for you. Since you’re not chasing trends, you can put more energy into evolving your look, which naturally lends itself to perfecting your style niche. When you look at how the fashion world’s richest women dress, it’s usually not so much the garments themselves that are so impressive, but rather that they’ve mastered their signature style. Scroll down to see the theory in action, featuring three women in the fashion industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

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