The Trend That's Poised to Be the Next Athleisure

Predicting that any singular aesthetic will stand to replace athleisure is kind of a big claim to make. We saw the rise of leggings, joggers, and tracksuits take such a Millennial Pink–level hold on the trend cycle, which is to say a really, really strong hold on trends. Don't get too worried if you're among the hoards of spandex-clad athleisure fans, though, as it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, we're seeing a micro-trend bubbling up that's on the verge of blowing up.

But where leggings and sneakers defined athleisure, canvas "carpenter" pants and heavy-duty boots define 2018's workwear trend. Grounded in utterly practical items, it's a trend that's inspired by everything that serves a clear function. The antithesis of fashion for the sake of fashion. Make no mistake, as the issues currently plaguing the American political climate have put a sinister veil over the country. And since fashion always finds a poignant way of addressing the cultural zeitgeist, it's almost as if a shift toward the pragmatic is our way of arming ourselves for the worst-case scenario. I think the emergency clothing that appeared in Calvin Klein's F/W 18 collection reflected this sentiment beautifully.

To explain everything that defines the workwear aesthetic, we'd also like to CC you on our breakdown of skater, streetwear, and Hypebae style, all of which share overlapping themes like an emphasis on tougher, androgynous style and a bit of an ironic sensibility. Ahead we're breaking down every item that defines the trend.

By no means is athleisure on the way out, though. See this pretty microtrend that's making me put my black leggings on hold.