The 9-Piece Wardrobe That Defines Hypebae Style

Hypebae style is really inspiring me right now. What strikes me most is that it’s tapping into streetwear in such a cool way that feels relevant and of the moment. The looks are built around a heavy mix of cool athleisure brands (sneakers are essential) and luxury labels (the more logos, the better), and the outfits are really tapping into the whole sneakerhead culture where there’s a hunger for exclusive and limited-edition items.

In my own way, I’ve taken inspiration from Hypebae style by incorporating elements like cargo pants into my personal wardrobe. And I’ll be the first to admit that by slipping into the workwear-inspired pants, I instantly felt a little cooler—but I’ve really only scratched the surface. This got me thinking about what Hypebae style is all about and the key pieces for pulling it off. Ahead I’m breaking down the nine-piece wardrobe that defines Hypebae style so you can try it for yourself.