What Clothes to Wear for Every Type of Workout

Without frightful winter weather hindering your workouts, there’s no time like the present to get out and move your body. Whether an outdoor run or a relaxing hot yoga class is more your speed, an appropriate wardrobe for your preferred physical activity is of utmost importance. After all, a mid-exercise wardrobe malfunction could easily ruin your workout, which you might’ve even paid $30 or more to do! To demonstrate our point, we’ve broken it down into a few popular categories of workouts and what you should wear to participate in each!

Scroll down to read about the best gear for each type and to shop our most adored pieces for each!

The most important quaility to look for when shopping for yoga outfits is that they’re formfitting, unless you want to flash the yogi behind you while in down dog. Tanks with built-in sports bras are your friend. You’re in luck, as there are a plethora of stylish options out there, tailor-made for yoga classes. Bonus: This gear is also great for Pilates and barre classes!

Given the stationary nature of Spin classes, your wardrobe options are a bit more flexible. Just have fun with it and avoid wearing shorts. Lightweight, breathable fabrics such as mesh are also essential, as those rooms tend to get quite hot.

When choosing running clothes, it’s best to consider the elements, as it’s usually an activity done outdoors. Shorts that won’t hinder your stride are a must in the summer months, as is a sturdy sports bra, year-round. Fabrics that wick the sweat away from your body will make for a most pleasant experience.

Unless you’re a professional ballerina, it’s probably best to not get too literal about your wardrobe for ballet class. But pieces inspired by the dance form are more than welcome. As it’s quite the trendy workout at the moment, there are many lovely options to choose from. In fact, we had trouble narrowing them down!

Depending on the trail, hiking can be quite intense, with heavy brush and rocky terrain along the way. Dress accordingly and cover your legs for protection, and by all means, wear appropriate footwear! There’s nothing worse than seeing a girl wearing platforms on the trail. Trust us, we’ve seen it all in the Hollywood Hills. Additionally, the climate can change a lot along the way in the mountains, so be sure to layer!

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What’s your favorite type of workout and where do you shop for gear? Tell us in the comments below!