After Working Out in This Brand Every Day for a Week, I'm Absolutely Obsessed

The other day, I went for a run, and about 5 minutes in, I had to start walking. I wore an activewear set that I typically reserve for low-impact exercises and it did not support me well enough. When I took off in a light jog, I didn't notice a problem at first but as the run continued I had to continuously lift up my shirt to keep myself from being exposed. I'm a DD, so wearing the right sports bra is of the utmost importance to me. A few days later, I went for a run in a set that didn't have a pocket, leading to me putting my key in my sports bra and losing it along the way. After buying a replacement key, I realized it was time for some new activewear.

When you are looking to overhaul an area of your wardrobe and buy into multiple pieces, a good price point is key, so I was directed to Fabletics, whose pieces are almost always below $100, which is unheard of these days among most popular activewear brands. I decided to test out my new style with the workout classes that New York City is most famous for.

Come along with me to hear my thoughts after spending a week in my new favorite activewear brands and see the workout classes I tried along the way.

The first stop was my favorite workout in NYC, Barry's. I wanted to test out Fabletics in the most high-impact conditions that I could to see if it was really as good as they say.

How was the class?

I always have an amazing time at Barry's because I can get a really good sweat and have the focus to get through a weight-lifting set without getting distracted. For this reason, I make sure to stop by on a weekly basis.

Did the activewear set meet your expectations?

The leggings are double lined so I felt very well supported throughout and loved that there was room in the pocket for my phone when we were moving from the treadmills to the weight floor and a zipper in the back to solve my key problem. My only regret is that this bra ran just a bit big for me, so I would size down if you're thinking about purchasing it, but other than that, it's one of the greatest sets I've brought to Barry's with me. Plus, it matches the red light ambiance.

Up next, I wanted to try a unique approach to fitness, so I decided to try The Ness, a trampoline-based class that I've seen all over Instagram lately. 

How was the class?

The Ness was the most fun I've had working out in a long time. Everyone was smiling and enjoying all of the jumping we were doing throughout the experience. If you ever are bored with your workout routine and want to get a good sweat while having fun, you have to try this.

Did the activewear set meet your expectations?

Usually, when I wear a V-neck sports bra in a workout class that involves bending over, I have to worry about something falling out and continuously pull up my top. This was not the case and I was finally able to just focus on my performance. It's crazy that this feels like the bare minimum from activewear but I was so grateful to be trying out a brand that worked well for what I was doing.

If a workout studio is loved by celebrities, I'm there, and since Lori Harvey works with the lead instructor at this studio and has gone viral for swearing by Pilates for her rock-hard abs, I had to make an appearance at the Forma Pilates New York location.

How was the class?

If you think Pilates is easy, I challenge you to get through just the first 10 minutes at Forma Pilates. You will be shaking. No Pilates method has ever pushed me harder so I have to vouch for this one. I'm always sore after visiting their studio.

Did the activewear set meet your expectations?

I've seen this Fabletics set all over my Instagram feed, so I was excited to try it. The bra fit my chest perfectly and Pilates is another exercise that often has me adjusting what I'm wearing as I move, but this one stayed snug. I now need this set in several colors.

I'm a member at Equinox, so for a more low-key day of working out, I tend to flock to their classes that feel like home to me.

How was the class?

Usually, I see Pilates at Equinox as a rest day for me since it's not as challenging but gets me stretched and moving. This time around, though, I ended up very sore since I picked up heavier weights than usual. It was a great and challenging class that makes the pricey membership worth it.

Did the activewear set meet your expectations?

It absolutely did, and I got so many compliments when I arrived in the class. Telling people it was from Fabletics felt good since the price point is so accessible. I felt very supported through every movement.

A good cropped tank is a must in anyone's activewear roster.

Everyone I know who has these shorts has gone back and bought them in another color, they're that good.

One of the best bras in my drawer right now.

I'm gearing up for colder months.