Fashion People Everywhere Are Wearing This $6 Item at Home

At Who What Wear, we've always loved a good sock trend. We covered the rise of hero socks, which quickly became the centerpiece of many stylish outfits. Fast-forward a bit, and amid circumstances that have many of us staying at home more often, we’ve noticed many Instagram posts featuring cozy socks. This makes perfect sense (all the better to pad around the house in, right?). But upon closer inspection, we realized there was a clear preference for one sock brand, in particular: Nike.


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With its socks at such an affordable price point, we couldn’t help but call out that Nike has the fashion crowd’s ringing endorsement. We think the popularity has something to do with the particular retro flavor of loungewear that has been bubbling since the 2020.

Throwback sweatsuits with the kind of sweatpants that bunch around the ankle have been trending, and as our editor Kristen Nichols demonstrated, a pair of sweatpants’ best friend is a pair of classic white socks. Celebs like Kaia Gerber reignited the trend of wearing socks over leggings in an ’80s Jazzercise manner, influencers are on board with the look too, and we all know Princess Diana’s nostalgic athleisure looks with her white tube socks pulled up high have always been an inspiration for the fashion community.

Put that all together with the current penchant for comfort at home, and it makes sense why a classic sportswear brand like Nike’s socks might come out on top. Don’t take my word for it, though. Scroll down to see how some of my favorite stylish ladies are sporting that signature check.


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Ah, the aforementioned Kaia Gerber–approved look. Extra points here for blending the sporty look with elevated elements like a standout gold bracelet and a hint of a leather blazer.


(Image credit: @piashah_)

We all know matching sets are where it’s at right now. A few favorites are right below.


(Image credit: @shhtephs)

The sport-meets-glamour marriage between Nike socks and an anklet is a partnership I can get behind.


(Image credit: @hilly__c)

This lovely shot illustrates that socks worn solo are just as nice. A cute dog cameo doesn't hurt either.


(Image credit: @kristencueto)

We’d like to supplement this image with a link to our favorite ways to style sweatpants


(Image credit: @threadsstyling)

A high-low mix will always set our sartorial hearts racing.


(Image credit: @evemeetswest)

Why not go for a little frill?


(Image credit: @shhtephs)

New Balance sneakers are coming back in a big way among the fashion crowd. 


(Image credit: @lindatol_)

This shot does it all: the It sock, sneaker, and sweatpants, styled in the most on-trend way.


One More Sock Trend That's Bubbling
(Image credit: @sallyomo)

We’re just waiting for a third image to call this a bona fide trend, but for now, our collective eyebrow is raised. Ironic fashion can be fun, so we’re curious about these tongue-in-cheek IKEA socks.


(Image credit: @meganadelaide)

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