Here's What to Wear for a Winter Workout

The seasons are changing, as are our wardrobes. Though it's always an adjustment, after just a few days of dressing for the frigid temps, the entire process becomes much easier—hopefully. That being said, one could always use a bit of inspiration when piecing together a cold-weather look, and that's why today, we're homing on easy winter workout outfits you can lean on when you're struggling to figure out how to dress for a frigid outdoor run or an in-gym training session.

There are a few essentials to have on hand, many of which you probably already own. If you don't, though, don't fret—we've rounded up all the winter workout pieces one could need this season. Must-haves include a warm pair of leggings (preferably ones that help regulate your body temperature), a fleece-lined hoodie, and a good winter training top. Other important notes? Make sure to layer, because you can always take off a clothing item when you get too hot.

Ahead, see our roundup of winter workout outfits, and then shop our selection of exercise gear perfect to wear during the cold-weather months.