The 2018 Winter Sneaker Trend We've Been Waiting For

Winter 2018 sneaker trend


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Winter is—unfortunately, if you ask me—right around the corner. That means snow, sleet, rain, and slush will soon be gracing the presence of all your footwear whether you like it or not. Talk to any fashion girl, and she will admit that finding shoes that are equal parts stylish and practical for the freezing winter months is no easy feat. With so many factors to consider including thick soles, waterproof lining, and insulation, your everyday sneakers are typically not a shoe style that makes the cut… until now.

As of late, we've been witnessing a particular sneaker trend circulating the market that just so happens to be perfect for winter 2018. The winter sneaker trend we speak of is reminiscent of hiking boots, but with more sneaker qualities than boot qualities. We're talking thick platform bottoms, high tops, and durable laces—qualities that will survive pretty much any winter weather mishap. Ahead, we've rounded up a handful of our favorite styles that fall within this winter sneaker trend category. So, in case you're sick of clunky snow boots, snag a pair of these and you'll be on trend and on brand for the snowy season ahead.

The luxury version of this sneaker trend.

You'll wear these with every winter outfit, guaranteed. 

What happens when dad sneakers meet hiking sneakers? This.

Leave it to Zara to come out with a sleek version of this trend.

A little neon to make sure you're hitting the coolest trends at once.

Strapped in and ready for the cold.

These will bring in compliments, we promise. 

Wear these with your coolest puffer, and you'll be the most stylish gal in the snowstorm.

Pair these with black tights and a plaid minidress.

A must-have winter version of your favorite white sneakers.

Nike's version was made for the hypebaes of the world.

Sneakers you can wear to your holiday party? Check.

You won't be treading lightly in these bad boys.

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