4 Winter-Ready 'Fits I'm Stealing From My Favorite TikTok Creators

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While scrolling through TikTok these days, I can’t help but notice how much my For You Page has changed since I first downloaded the app. My feed—once a slightly less-than-cohesive curation of dermatology deep dives, deep-cleaning transformations (so satisfying), and cute animal videos—has blossomed into a refreshingly frank and often quite funny introduction to some of the latest fashion trends courtesy of the next generation of creatives.

Exhibits one through four are Rahsheen Fatemi, Lucius Firmin, Koral Gardea, and Amanda Quach, four TikTokers whose posts are constantly popping up on my #FYP thanks to the artful and personality-packed looks that my Millennial brain could never have dreamed up. I expect you’ll see all four of these influencers making major waves in the industry in the not-so-distant future—and not just because they’ve dreamed up some of my favorite winter-ready styling moments. Below, learn more about these must-know TikTok creators, and then see four cool ’fits that perfectly represent their distinct styles—all anchored, of course, by their favorite shoe brand, Converse.


(Image credit: @curvyqueensheen)

Rahsheen Fatemi (aka @curvyqueensheen) tells me she began her TikTok journey with the intent to create a space for curvier women to see themselves in clothes. "Although fashion is expanding in representation, there is still a lack of representation when it comes to curvier and plus-size POC bodies,” she notes. "I hope my audience knows that anyone with any style and size can participate in fashion,” continues Fatemi, an L.A. native who is well on her way to achieving her goal of being a full-time fashion creator. "I want women to look in the mirror and say, ‘I am the It girl.’”

As for the inspiration behind her bold, off-duty look? Her Aquarius moon. "I like to think I make unique and different choices,” she adds. "I chose this pair of Converse because it gives me that. They have the blueprint of classic Chuck Taylors with a twist, which makes them fun and unique. Plus, who doesn’t love the cozy sherpa texture?” No arguments here.

"Since the shoes are black and white, I wanted to style them with something colorful to contrast those neutral tones,” she continues. "The colorful pants highlight the Converse and pull the whole outfit together.”


El Paso–based TikToker Koral Gardea says the most rewarding part of growing her account is the messages she gets from her followers. "Recently, I’ve received a lot of messages from girls saying that I’ve motivated them to try new styles and wear clothes with confidence,” she says. "That is my goal—to inspire people through my videos.”

Her fun and effortless vintage-influenced style shines through on her TikTok profile, where she regularly posts thrift hauls, #OOTDs, and tips for transitioning looks from day to night. "My boyfriend has told me he is able to guess what kind of day I’ve had through the outfit I’m wearing,” she says. "I like to speak through the clothes I wear. I personally like to show off my personality through the prints and colors I incorporate into my ’fits.”

She built her cozy, holiday-ready, off-duty look around her favorite pair of Converse sneakers. "These spoke to me!” she says. "I love everything leather. The sneakers I chose match my style perfectly since it has a fun but subtle pattern. Converse is the easiest sneaker to grab when you want to look put-together and casual at the same time.”


Lucius Firmin admits that he has an important person to thank for his TikTok fame: his sister. "When she told me to start an account, I just laughed in her face because I never saw myself doing it,” says the Boston-based stylist and designer, who runs his own company, Crav Industries. "However, once I saw it was more than just dancing to trendy songs, I knew I could utilize it in a way I would enjoy.”

These days, more than 90k followers eye his page for a daily dose of street style. As for his future in the fashion industry, the sky’s the limit. "I hope to grow big enough to the point where I am well known in the fashion industry for multiple things,” he shares. "I hope to even get big enough to collaborate with brands like Converse in the future.”

Speaking of which, his minimalistic winter-ready look is anchored by the company’s timeless Sherpa Chuck 70 style. "I love a cream-and-brown color combo (as you can see if you scroll down my feed),” he says. "This cream cropped puffer jacket and these brown cargos flow very well with the shoes.”


20-year-old Amanda Quach (aka @virghoexoxo) serves up some of the boldest, most original looks on TikTok, and her 295k followers are here for it. "Fashion is my favorite form of self-expression, and as a creative introvert, it’s almost my way of communicating with like minds without having to be a social butterfly,” she says. "An outfit can tell a lot about a person and what they’re feeling, and that’s what I love about it. There are no boundaries with who partakes in fashion.”

Through her vibrant ’fits, which range from "tame cyber emo” to "frilly cottagecore,” Quach started her account as a creative outlet during quarantine and has big plans of continuing to grow her platform. "Aside from making groovy content, in the next few years, I’m crossing my fingers that I can start working on creating a size-inclusive clothing brand or even just a collaboration with other creatives to provide funky fashion for all sizes,” she says.

As for funky fashion, she put together this look using some of her favorite pieces: Chuck Taylor boots, a zip-up sweater, a long denim skirt, and a chunky two-tone scarf. "These Converse are a shade of brown that I could wear with literally anything, so I decided to be as vibrant and fun with this outfit as possible instead of playing matchy-matchy with more neutrals,” she explains. "And yes, this is my Californian take on a winter outfit.”