6 Trendy Outfits to Wear With Sneakers in the New Year

Sneakers are an undeniably seasonless wardrobe item. Rain or shine, flurries or heat waves, the comfortable shoes fit the occasion. That said, it’s not uncommon to fall back on the same combinations when styling them time and again. Jeans and sneakers are a classic pairing but can begin to be repetitive if that's the only way you're wearing them. Thankfully, we found six suggestions for winter outfits with sneakers that will switch things up.

Looking to some of our favorite fashion girls, we’ve compiled a few inspired combinations that are creative, uncomplicated, and easy to copy. They feature party dresses, tailored separates, and exaggerated athleisure alike. What's more, they'll sufficiently shake you out of a style rut without forcing you to forgo any of the comfort that sneakers provide.

Keep scrolling for a few fresh ways to wear your long-time footwear staple.