The 6 Hat Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter, Guaranteed


(Image credit: @emilisindlev; Pictured: The Attico Faux Fur Bucket Hat ($533))

Without sounding like a seasonal cliché, I'm shocked we're already discussing (and wearing) winter trends. I don't know if I'm alone here, but this year, it feels like the lead-up to winter vanished and suddenly sub-freezing temperatures and snowstorms were knocking at our door. With the climate swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to the other, it's hard to be completely prepared for changing of the seasons, but try we will! In my neck of the woods, winter is firmly here, so let's talk about the fall/winter 2022 trends we'll be translating into our own wardrobes: accessories edition.

Winter accessories, especially winter hats, aren't just cute outfit additions like they are in the summer, they're pretty essential. Our thinking? If you're going to bundle up, you might as well go for the on-trend version while you're doing so. It's our duty to update you on what those trendier versions are, which is exactly what this report will do. We pulled out six winter hat trends that will be big news this season and since shopping is just what we do, we included our favorite picks to choose from. Here's how to stay warm and look cool.

1. Bundled Up in Balaclavas


(Image credit: @HANNAH_SHEPS)

With parts of the East Coast already being pummeled with feet of snow weeks ahead of winter's technical start, this season is threatening us with what could be some of the harshest weather we've had in a while. Enter balaclavas, detachable hoods, and snoods. The accessories sit at the satisfying intersection of practicality and trendiness that so rarely happens in fashion, so we're claiming that these will come to have an undeniable effect on winter 2022. Whether you go for a bright balaclava to pop against a neutral coat or opt for a subdued version, the time to hop on this trend is now.

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2. Bolder-Than-Ever Bucket Hats


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Over the years, we've seen the rise of the bucket hat in almost every iteration—colorful and crocheted for summer, coated in slick leather for fall—and this winter, they're re-emerging once again in the brightest, biggest, and boldest versions to date. It's all about bucket hats that come in luxe fabrics like faux fur and eye-catching colors that will entice even the staunchest minimalists among us.

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3. Feeling Pretty Preppy


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If you spot a fashion girl on her day off, chances are she's wearing a sporty baseball hat. They're an easy outfit addition that lends a considered feel to even the most thrown-together looks and this season, it's all about caps with a bit of preppy twist with minimalist embroidery and neutral color palettes. Frame's collaboration with Ritz Paris has already emerged as a fan-favorite among insiders.

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4. Back to Berets


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It's always exciting when we notice a previously-forgotten-about item resurface, as is the case with berets. While we wouldn't claim they were ever "out" to begin with, winter 2022 could mark the start of their return to widespread popularity, especially the ones in earth-toned neutrals like camel and brown that basically guarantee a chic ensemble.

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5. Funky Flat Tops


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No, we're not done with you just yet, Y2K. Celebs and fashion girls with edgier styles are clad in trucker hats that recall the Von Dutch toppers of the early 2000s. They're defined by bright colors and funky logos and lend a borrowed-from-the-boys effect and they look especially cool when styled with traditionally feminine silhouettes, like the slinky cutout dress Dua Lipa styled hers with.

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6. Big-Time Beanies


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Beanies are more of a winter essential than a trend, but hear me out: Soft-to-the-touch beanies made from alpaca and fleece are the styles I predict we're going to see the most of this winter. Trust me—you'll reach for one out of the need to bundle up but keep returning to it as a quick way to add outfit interest.

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Speaking of winter trends, I just vetoed these six from my wardrobe.


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