I Thought I Banished These 6 Jewelry Trends, But They're Surging Again

winter jewelry trends 2022


Bottega Veneta; Versace/ImaxTree; Ambush/ImaxTree

It's always a surprise when previously forgotten-about items return to the spotlight, and this winter, six such jewelry pieces are having a sort of renaissance. Unlike clothes and shoes, my jewelry collection tends to stay pretty constant from season to season and year to year. Of course, it goes through its own phases, but on the whole, the turnover is much slower than anything I keep on a hanger or folded into a dresser drawer. For that reason, if I phase out a jewelry trend from my arsenal, I usually expect it to stay that way. Winter 2022 has other plans, though.

Across the runways, I spotted six major winter jewelry trends that are giving me a strong case of déjà vu. I definitely dabbled in each of these years ago and had since banished them from my jewelry box—or so I thought. Sure enough, all signs are pointing to their grand return to style. For instance, I'm typically a gold girl all the way, and any other metals pretty much dwindled from my view, but a new wave of sculptural silver pieces stands to change my staunch stance. For a complete look into this season's trending accoutrements, see the six reemerging themes that just might surprise you (as they did for me).

1. So Into Silver

winter jewelry trends: silver


Nensi Dojaka/ImaxTree; Jean Paul Gaultier/ImaxTree; Y/Project/ImaxTree

Like I mentioned, I've been an "all gold everything" kind of person for so long that I barely have any silver pieces to my name, but the F/W 22 runways stand to change that in a big way. Across the collections, designers finished off their looks with sculptural silver pieces that ranged from spiraled cuffs to chunky hoop earrings. Silver is also the perfect pairing to the grungy and alt-girl aesthetic that's so hot right now.


Nensi Dojaka/ImaxTree; Jean Paul Gaultier/ImaxTree; Y/Project/ImaxTree; Ambush/ImaxTree

2. Off the Cuff

winter jewelry trends: cuffs


Ambush/ImaxTree; Saint Laurent/ImaxTree; LaQuan Smith/ImaxTree

Just like the dating scene, cuffing season can easily influence us to couple up with former flings. Getting back together with an ex is usually questionable, but this season, the only comebacks we're allowing into our lives are these large-scale cuff bracelets. Across the F/W 22 collections from Saint Laurent to LaQuan Smith, big cuffs were either stacked on aplenty or finished off with a single bangle. One theme we noticed was the combination of cuffs with slim-fitting dresses that make the bracelets the main event.

winter jewelry trends 2022: cuffs


Ambush/ImaxTree; Saint Laurent/ImaxTree; Alexander McQueen/ImaxTree

3. '80s Ears

winter jewelry trends: '80s earrings


Saint Laurent/ImaxTree; Bottega Veneta/ImaxTree

I'll be honest: A lot of the jewelry to come out of the '80s was a little too bold for my taste. With delicate and dainty jewelry—especially earrings—having ruled the trendscape (and my own closet) for years, it's about time for the tides to turn and things are indeed getting bolder. We've even seen the return of metallics, another "tacky" '80s trend, so I fully predict these oversize studs will be up next.

winter jewelry trends: collar necklaces


Chloé/ImaxTree; Versace/ImaxTree; Nensi Dojaka/ImaxTree

While many of the winter jewelry trends coming back right now are of the bold and statement-making kind, collar necklaces are delightfully simple and easy to wear. The beauty of the collar necklace is its in-between length—not quite a choker but not a pendant either—that lends an elevated and timeless feel. Whether they were on the minimalist side like at Chloé or via punk-inspired chains per Nensi Dojaka, collars had a subtle but impactful presence this season.


Chloé/ImaxTree; Versace/ImaxTree; Nensi Dojaka/ImaxTree; Chanel/ImaxTree
winter jewelry trends: cocktail rings


Versace/ImaxTree; Givenchy/ImaxTree; LaQuan Smith/ImaxTree

What did I say about designer's eschewing the dainty for the bold? Well, another perfect example of the return to maximal accessories is with cocktail rings. All across the runways, single statement-making rings accompanied a range of looks from Ulla Johnson's vacation-ready attire to Versace's nightclub wares. Ready or not, OTT rings are returning at full force.


Versace/ImaxTree; Ulla Johnson/ImaxTree; Chanel/ImaxTree

6. Into the Fabric

winter jewelry trends: built-in jewelry


Loewe/ImaxTree; Prada/ImaxTree; Bottega Veneta/ImaxTree

Last, but certainly not least, is a trend I'm surprised to see again but equally as delighted by its return. I've always been fond of looks that featured built-in hardware but had never seen it as a major trend until now. At Bottega Veneta, woven bags featured sculptural metal handles, while at Prada, the iconic triangle brooch stitched into a jacket was followed by a trail of silver beads. Of course, Loewe's version takes the cake—the master of surrealist fashion fixed a sculpted rose right into the halter neckline of a dress. Why bother styling traditional jewelry when you can just wear it like this?


Prada; Loewe; Heliot Emil