These Are the Winter Headbands Getting Us Through the Coldest Days This Season

We still have a couple months ahead of us before spring, meaning there are many more days ahead of us when it comes to enduring ice-cold temperatures and frozen extremities. Anyone who’s survived a real winter knows that keeping your head—and ears—warm is the surest way to stay comfortable and cozy when you’re braving the cold. Hats, in their many iterations and fabrications, can be a fashion girl’s favorite winter staple, but they’re not always your best bet if you’re maintaining a hairstyle or also wearing a hood. So steps in another cold-weather accessory to consider adding to your arsenal: Winter headbands. Available in a variety of styles that suit different sensibilities while keeping you warm in icy conditions, winter headbands are a fashionable alternative to hats while you’re getting through the coldest days.

Keep scrolling for winter headbands to keep cozy and chic this winter.

Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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