Why We're Stocking Up on These Zero-Effort Winter Dresses With Belts

When the temperatures are too cold to bear, you don't normally think about wearing dresses to face the outside world. However, we're here to debate how that thinking is quite passé. Here at Who What Wear, we believe that dresses are amazing in the colder months because they make layering much easier (and fun!). Our favorite type of zero-effort winter dress? Winter dresses with belts. And if they have pockets? Even better.

What we like about this particular style is that not only do they do a great job at layering, but with their belted waist, they don't make sure our winter looks remain sleek, clean-lined, and cool. They highlight our figure well, all while keeping us cozy and looking great. So, instead of discarding your winter dresses (or even your summer dresses), let these 16 options ahead make you see them in a whole new light.

Imagine how chic a cozy turtleneck will look layered under this off-the-shoulder dress.

In case you didn't know, snakeskin is in.

If you love yourself a good trench coat, you'll adore this dress.

A denim dress does wonders, no matter the season.

This dress paired would look amazing with calf-length boots.

Plaid is always the answer when it comes to which print is a must during the winter. 

We all need a good sweaterdress. This season, make it a belted one.

Just add boots and tights and you're good to go. 

Wear this bold number with a sultry red lip. 

Layer this wrap dress over your pants for a chic and cozy look.

Does your winter wardrobe need more dresses? Check out these game-changing silk satin slip dresses.

Opening Image: @handinfire

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