The 7 Coat Trends That Matter the Most This Winter

While I wouldn't exactly say that I wait around all year for the arrival of winter, I do get excited that it's the start of coat season. The crispness we enjoyed in the fall air is turning into a harsher nip, but the silver lining is the opportunity it presents to envelope ourselves in a big coat that for all intents and purposes, is the outfit.

As we switch from light-jacket-no-sweater season to sweater-and-a-huge-coat-and-even-scarf season, it's time to consider investing in outerwear to see us through to the spring, and given just how sensible the coats are on the market right now, you'd be hard-pressed to make any categorically "bad" decisions. And yet many of us wear our winter coats every day for at least five months out of the year, so selecting the right one to spend our money on isn't just an aesthetic decision, it's a practical one, too. This season, the styles on offer are skewing much more timeless and classic like tried and true wool styles but there are, of course, standout shearling styles, puffers, and everything in between.

Just as with anything else in fashion, new trends come around as quickly as dated ones fall out of favor, and coats are no exception. In the last few months, we've shelved our denim jackets, trench coats, and leather jackets in favor of something buzzier (and far better suited to inclement weather), so it's time to start shopping around for something to fill the gap. Here, discover a new batch of winter coat trends that will no doubt come to define the season. In fact, some of them already are. 

maxi coat trend



Maxi hemlines are absolutely dominating right now, from skirts to dresses and, yes, coats, too. The floor-length silhouette looks especially good on a tailored wool coat like the ones the Olsen sisters are known to favor, and they happen to make any outfit look expensive. 

scarf coat trend



Scarf coats are easily the most season-defining item we've talked about already for winter 2023. Thanks to viral styles from Toteme, the trend has catapulted to worldwide fame, and given that it's impossible not to look chic and put-together in one of these matching scarf-and-coat sets, we'd recommend it for anyone and everyone.

grey winter coat trend



Gray is the new black, at least when it comes to winter outerwear. Charcoal gray is bubbling up as the new It neutral, and the color couldn't be better in the form of a great wool coat. The addition of a lighter neutral adds a nice dimension to winter looks that can often come across feeling drab.

Just because the weather is turning from crisp to cold doesn't mean that leather outerwear is slowing down. In fact, fashion people are reaching for leather coats more than ever right now, especially those with sleek, long hems and double-breasted silhouettes for an ultra-tailored effect.

wax jacket trend



It appears that the wax jackets featured on Prada's spring 2024 runway have already begun to influence our outerwear choices, and we still have months to go before we'll start to see them become available. Despite it, versions are appearing at retailers such as J.Crew and Free People, which have jumped at the opportunity to reintroduce us to the preppy staple.

Faux shearling will always have a place in our coat lineup, and for winter 2023, that means fuzzy statement coats that take a more minimalist approach with collarless silhouettes and muted neutral hues. 

collarless coat trend winter 2023



If looking wealthy is your goal this season, might I suggest opting for a collarless coat? Whether it's a wool version or a tweed one, the streamlined shape looks ultra polished and, if you ask me, downright "rich."

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.