39 Coats and Jackets That Go With Every Color, Trend, and Occasion

If you haven't yet found the ideal winter coat or jacket for the season to come, we highly suggest starting (and ending) your search here. Sure, we love a statement coat, but there's nothing worse (relatively speaking) than spending a chunk of your clothing budget on an amazing coat that you end up wearing just a handful of times and that might not remain in style next year. That's why we encourage you to invest in coats for winter that have more versatility going for them.

Not to worry—this isn't a roundup of black wool coats (although there are a couple of those, if that's what you're looking for). It's fully possible for outerwear to be cool and interesting while still being just, well, boring enough to go with every color and trend and to be suitable for every occasion, which is no small feat. Choosing an outfit based on what coat or jacket you plan on wearing can be more than a little tedious. So, without further ado, scroll on to shop all the best winter coats and jackets when versatility is your main objective.

Kind of a coat, kind of a blazer, and that's why we love it.

The perfect cropped coat is found.

The shape of this feels fresh.

The perfect light coat for mild winter days.

Grab this under-$100 number before it sells out.

This is a very successful take on the corduroy trend.

Pixie Market is our secret source for great outerwear.

A leather jacket that's warm enough for winter? Sold.

This oversize coat will fit over even your heaviest sweaters.

This rich, chocolate-brown hue goes with everything.

This dusty coral number is sure to sell out.

This can be very casual or very fancy, depending on what you pair it with.

The reviews for this timeless coat are highly favorable.

This is giving us Alexa Chung vibes.

Acne Studios outerwear is our favorite outerwear.

A polished puffer is a wardrobe essential.

Simply put, this is the perfect camel coat.

This should reignite your love for leather jackets.

Only buy this if you like getting a lot of hugs.

No amount of sherpa is too much sherpa.

As chic with dresses as it is with jeans.

Prediction: Non-nylon puffers will be trending by winter.

Remember what we said about leopard print?

White in the dead of winter looks cool and unexpected.

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