15 Ways to Wear Brown Boots This Winter

Here at Who What Wear, we're strong believers that brown boots are just as timeless and stylish as their black counterparts. Sure, we're regularly guilty of gravitating toward the noir version of all our favorite boot styles, but as soon as we catch a glimpse of the fresh-feeling brown ones, we can't help but recognize how well they complement our current winter wardrobes. Plus, simply by scrolling through our Instagram feeds, we are completely inspired with new ways of wearing these neutral-colored shoes. They're everywhere this season.

From brown snake-print boots paired with midi skirts and blazers to Timberlands (yes, Timberlands) worn with plaid jackets and trousers, there are so many winter brown-boots outfits to experiment with. The 15 ones ahead only scratch the surface, but they're a great place to start.

Your black boots aren't going anywhere, but they could definitely use a break once in a while, right?