25 Pairs of Rain Boots for Wide Calves

Rain boots are a summer, fall, winter, and springtime essential. But they aren't always the easiest boots to find nor slip into when you have wider calves (and those who fall into this category know just how hard it can be to find mid-to-tall shoes that actually fit comfortably over the bottom half of one's legs).

According to Nordstrom's boot guide, "wide calves" have a circumference that lands at or above 15.5 inches. Curious how to measure your calves? "Wrap a cloth tape measure around the fullest part of your calf to get your calf circumference," Nordstrom says. Knowing this will help you narrow down your shoe selection, and will make shopping for properly fitting boots much, much easier.

But this can take time, and sometimes we just want to hit "add to cart" when we spot a shoe style we love without doing any additional research. That's why we decided to pick out 25 pairs of wide-calf rain boots that are stylish and practical. Ready to see our finds?

A white rain boot looks especially chic.

Check the tweed detailing on these wide-calf rain boots.

The lace-up detailing lets you easily adjust the fit of these boots.

Bold, bright rain boots to wear all season long.

The adjustable straps on these are perfect.

Pair these with an LBD on a rainy fall day.

Poppy-red shoes are trending this season, in case you didn't know.

These boots were designed for wide calves.

Check the slight heel on these rain boots.