January Called—It Needs You to Shop These 30 Affordable Pieces

Who What Wear collection new arrivals for January 2019


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I'm not one to set New Year's resolutions—I find them to be overly ambitious, only setting myself up for failure when I do try them. So, this year, instead of setting out to attempt the impossible, I'm setting a much more achievable goal for the month of January. I want to limit my clothing purchases to those items that are easy to wear. Sounds simple enough, right? As I ease my wardrobe (and myself) into the New Year, I only plan on adding clothing items that are no-brainers to style and wear.

It just so happens that the latest drop of Who What Wear pieces for January falls entirely into the category of easy dressing. Think belted shirtdresses, knits that speak for themselves, and printed tops I can throw on with my favorite pair of jeans. The month of January is tough enough as it is, what with re-entering reality after the holidays and all, so why not lean into the kind of pieces that take the extra thought out of getting dressed and basically do the work for you?

This January's collection is full of these "easy dressing" options perfectly suited to the season, but as with every new release of ours, it also touches on the must-know trends of the moment. Oh, and did we mention that everything from the collection is (as always) available in sizes XS to 4X and under $50? Under $45, in the case of this month's drop. In other words, if you're ready to refresh your winter wardrobe, we suggest you start here.

You know the drill. Scroll down to shop everything from the drop, or head to Target stores to check out the designs in person.

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