Zoey Deutch Talks New Movie, Red Carpet Looks, and Personal Style


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Zoey Deutch first came on the scene when she was 15 years old with a role in Disney's The Suite Life on Deck. Since then, she's had a slew of standout performances, acting in films such as Everybody Wants Some!!, Flower, and The Year of Spectacular Men and the Netflix series The Politician. In The Outfit, which is currently playing in theaters, Deutch plays Mabel, the assistant to a Savile Row tailor who is caught up in a Chicago mob cross fire in 1956. "It was so refreshing; it was so special to read a script that well written, that beautiful. It felt like a play," she says.

The last time we caught up with Deutch was back in 2018 when she was our Who What Wear cover star. In our latest episode, we spoke with the 27-year-old actor about her new film, her favorite red carpet outfits (and regrets), what she likes to wear in her everyday life, and her must-have beauty products. Keep scrolling for tidbits from our conversation, then tune in to the Who What Wear podcast to hear it in full.


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You've had a slew of really incredible red carpet moments over time. Is there a moment that means a great deal to you? And on the flip side of that, anything that you would be less inclined to repeat?

Goodness, definitely. I think I have the three looks that come to mind that hold a special place in my heart. The first one that comes to mind is when I wore this unbelievable blue Valentino gown to the Vanity Fair Oscars party a couple years ago, and it had this cape thing. It was an absolutely spectacular piece of art. The second I put it on, I was like, "Oh my god, this is it." I really loved this white Tory Burch dress that I wore to the Met. We got to work on that and design it together, which was so fun. I love Tory. I think she's an amazing person and businesswoman and artist, and I really, really really loved that dress. It's funny. It sort of made me not want to ever have a wedding dress, because this is what I would want. It's so perfect. I was like, "Maybe if I ever got married, I'd just do pajamas because this is the peak. This is what I would want." And then there was a Fendi yellow jumpsuit that I wore to the Golden Globes that I really loved. It was a low-V, puffy-sleeved jumpsuit. It looked like a dress, but it was a jumpsuit. I also got to be part of the designing process, so that was really special. And then the ones that I don't like, the list is aplenty. Oh god, I wore this dress that had a slit in the leg and all these jewels on it. It was just not me.


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What about off-duty style? What do you wear in your everyday personal style?

I wear a lot of Dôen. I love Dôen. I feel really good and comfortable and like I could go churn some butter with my collar and my Amish-adjacent vibes. Food is my biggest passion in life more than anything—maybe other than dogs—and I want to not feel restricted by my food consumption. So Dôen is always flowy. Could be pregnant, could be not. I love cute, tight things, but I won't wear them because I just want to be comfortable and be able to eat. If I'm home, I'm in my sweats, and if I'm going out, I'm going to eat, so [I'll wear] a lot of Dôen. I also really love and feel good in pretty much anything Miu Miu. It's just very eclectic and fun, and they do such a good job of mixing what feels vintage and also modern. My Miu Miu dress section is the mecca. If I don't know what to wear, I just go straight there. And then I love my Levi's and New Balances and a simple white tee. There's nothing better. 

Who makes your favorite white T-shirt?

Good question. Re/Done has a great one. Éterne makes a really good one. I have a couple of vintage ones that are pretty superb.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. Next up, check out our previous episode featuring makeup artist Doniella Davy. 

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