This Seemingly Simple Dress Is Actually So on Trend

Have you ever been shopping and picked up something you thought was pretty simple, only to take a closer look and realize it’s actually quite intricate? Whether in the form of a special texture, forward silhouette, or—as is the case with today’s item—a little detail that does a lot, we can all agree that it’s quite the lovely surprise. Well, that’s especially true when said item is ultra affordable, too. Just what are we referring to? None other than our Who What Wear Flirty Mini Dress With O Ring Zip ($30) at Target that’s not only perfect for the holidays ahead but also incorporates one of our favorite street style–approved trends: the O-ring zipper. From sweaters to jeans to, of course, dresses, there’s nothing the little embellishment doesn’t improve.

See just what we mean in the street style snaps below, then continue to shop the dress for yourself!


Georgie Hunter/Getty Images


Diego Anciano/Collage Vintage


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

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