The $30 Pants That One Editor Calls "Life-Changing"

Welcome to the first edition of a new series in which we'll cover a variety of affordable basics that we turn to time and time again. We hope that The Basics will help you to build your closet with pieces that you, too, will wear on repeat without doing harm to your bank account. First up, I'm sharing with you the $30 pants that I've been wearing nonstop. 

As you're probably aware, versatile pants for less than $50 are a rare find. So when I find a pair of $30 pants that are versatile, on-trend, and incredibly flattering, I buy them (sometimes in multiples). Yes, while the pants in question are from our collection at Target, the Who What Wear Collection, they are indeed my favorite piece from the entire line (which is saying a lot!). And I'm not alone in that—my fellow editors also have them and are members of the Cropped Flare Pants fan club. Among the many features they have going for them (including that the flared leg makes any outfit look more stylish), the thing that keeps me coming back to them is that they're the most slimming pants that I own. The rise, fabric, and flare combine to create a pair of pants more flattering than others 10 times the price. With that said, you probably want to see them for yourself…

Keep scrolling to see all the features that the Who What Wear Cropped Flare Pants have going for them, see them in real life, and shop a few stylish outfits to wear them with. 

What other types of basics would you like for us to cover? Comment below!

Opening Image: Getty Images