WWW's All-Time Greatest—10 Items That Changed Our Lives This Year


As editors, we research and test out a lot of products while producing the content we share with you, dear readers. After all, it's our job to continuously edit the market to bring you a curation of the buys that are actually worth it. We love the process and take pride in it. And now, we're taking all of the product knowledge we've garnered over the year to bring you the ultimate curation of items. Introducing Who What Wear's All-Time Greatest.

Our teams across fashion and beauty joined forces to showcase the truly standout staples. Yes, you heard that correctly. Out of everything we've worn, tried, or recommended in various stories either recently or months ago, the 10 picks coming your way are the all-time greatest in our eyes. 

Now, trust, it wasn't easy to narrow it down to this tight edit of items. To create the list, we first zeroed in on all of the items we personally fell in love with over the last year that we featured in multiple stories and, of course, have in our own collections. If said items also became viral social media hits and/or received positive feedback across our communities, well, that bumped the piece even higher on the list. 

Below, you'll uncover a deep dive into the pieces that made the cut, including editor testimonials. All that and more is coming at you with a little scroll action.


Wilfred Melina Pants

When the team had our initial brainstorm to come up with the All-Time Greatest list, these $148 vegan-leather pants rolled off the tongues of at least half of our editors first. In unison, three colleagues exclaimed, "We need to talk about these pants from Aritzia." So here we are. These straight-leg pants not only went viral on TikTok but also have become a true staple in many of our editors' wardrobes. 

"Not to toot my own horn, but I've been telling everyone I know about these pants for nearly two years, since buying them in January of 2020. So as someone who's worn them more times than she'd like to admit, I can tell you they really are worth the hype. Yes, they look luxe, but they also really do feel so buttery soft, simultaneously hold you in and let you breathe, and are extremely flattering. They're the perfect pants for fall and winter, but if you buy them, be prepared to start ignoring all your jeans," said senior market editor Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour.

Assistant market editor Yusra Siddiqui echoed Akhtarzad Eshaghpour's statement, saying, "Yep, these pants are worth all the hype you've seen the internet give them. They have the perfect fit and are flattering in all the right places. I have them in tan and certainly did not expect to wear them as much as I do. It can be hard to find vegan leather that looks luxe and is still soft, but these pants pass that test with flying colors."

For reference, these dream pants come in a variety of cuts from high-rise to low-rise.


(Image credit: @laurenegg@oscarlandonZara)

Zara Oversize Double-Breasted Jacket

"I know a good Zara blazer when I see one," said Akhtarzad Eshaghpour. And that brings us to our ode to Zara's oversize double-breasted jacket. Made from at least 25% recycled polyester, this blazer has the makings of a legit closet essential. "It was love at first sight—e-comm sight, that is. The second I came across it in the new arrivals, I fell in love with the oversize fit, color, and minimal design, and when it finally arrived, it was everything I expected and more. I have to stop myself from wearing it almost every day because that's how often I reach for it," continued Akhtarzad Eshaghpour. 

In fact, our editorial director also got in on the action. "My co-worker, Nicole, pointed out this blazer to me earlier this year, and when I tell you neither of us has ever added anything to our shopping cart so fast, I am not joking. This blazer does everything you hope that it would. It's perfectly oversize, looks great layered over just about anything, and is the kind of blazer everyone will be complimenting you on, so be prepared," said Lauren Eggertsen. While we could stop here, there are more editor testimonials that are worth sharing.

Michaela Buskin, senior fashion editor, branded content, shared, "Not to be dramatic, but I think this Zara blazer is one of the best things I've ever spent $70 on. I wear it weekly over a dress or with denim and any top style. (It's even roomy enough to wear on top of a sweater.) I recently bought a similar faux-leather version, so I'll be alternating between the two until the end of winter." Caitie Schlisserman, beauty director, branded content, echoed that, saying, "Finding the perfect blazer is like finding the perfect S.O. You search for the best fit, and when you know you've got something special—boom—you stop looking. (At least, that's how it's supposed to go.) But really, this blazer has totally changed the game. Not only is it perfectly oversize, but it also makes every outfit look infinitely chicer. I've worn it over dresses to dinner and with a tee and jeans on the weekend—there's nothing it doesn't look good styled with. It's the best $70 I've spent in a while."

There is currently a range of sizes available in sand, khaki, and black. 


(Image credit: @erin_jahnsViolet Grey)

Surratt Beauty Noir Lash Tint

This is hands down a go-to for many on the team. Erin Jahns, senior beauty editor, said, "Without a doubt, this magic little wand from Surratt will go down (in my book, at least) as one of the greatest beauty products of all time. The best way I can describe it is lash extensions and/or falsies in a tube. You'd never think the unique little rod could pack such an insane punch, but a few slow strokes and wiggles through your lashes will instantly lift and curl while simultaneously granting you lots of noticeable length. Plus, unlike some mascaras, the results last and last and won't smudge or fall as the day or night wears on. In fact, the only bad thing about this product is how much it wants to stay on your lashes when you're trying to take it off! Buy it, and the Bambi-like lashes you've been dreaming of will be yours."

This magical Surratt item is also a favorite of our very own editor in chief, Kat Collings. She said, "Much like the Zara blazer on this list, I bought this because our senior beauty editor recommended it with such gusto that I actually thought, I guess it would be dumb not to buy this. She has tried more mascaras than the average bear being a beauty editor and all, and she doesn't normally gush that much. The price point is definitely steep, but if you're looking to splurge a little, I promise you won't be disappointed. It gives me the longest and prettiest lashes of any mascara I've ever tried. Point blank. Also, I'm not sure why they call it a lash tint; I just think of it as a mascara, but it is not as thick and globby as your average mascara. It also has the most interesting wand that's like a tight coil of wires. I love this mascara so much that when I went on a girls' trip recently, I mentally planned to tell everyone about it and share the life-changing mascara. It was a hit. Today, I'm spreading the word to you!"


Who What Wear Collection Billy Faux-Shearling Jacket

This gorgeous faux-shearling coat from the latest Who What Wear Collection drop is a certified crowd-pleaser. And even though it's new, it's already becoming a go-to for many. Jahns currently has the seafoam color in her rotation. She said, "Apart from the seafoam color—which really makes it feel special and unique—there's so much to love about this faux-shearling jacket. It's super warm and cozy. (And trust me—it looks even more expensive and luxurious in person.) I don't know if I've ever been this obsessed with a jacket before, and I got so many compliments when I wore it and posted about it on IG." 

Akhtarzad Eshaghpour is partial to the coat in black. She mentioned, "As someone who already has a collection of shearling jackets, I think long and hard before adding one to my wardrobe. This cropped version made the cut for several reasons. First, I love the length for wearing both during the day and at night. Also, the material is so soft without feeling too delicate. Last, it just looks undeniably cool, and that's always hard to resist."


(Image credit: @bobbyschuessler; Kotn)

Kotn Crew Socks

Yes, socks are socks. But when you put on a standard pair of socks and then switch it up by slipping into real socks, well, that's just heaven. That's what I think, anyway. Hey there, this is Bobby, the writer of this particular feature. I first tested out the crew socks from Kotn last year when I was perfecting my loungewear game during quarantine. And I never looked back. When it comes to a solid pair of athletic-inspired socks, these are it. 

Made from Egyptian cotton with a touch of stretch and the perfect amount of padding, these socks are like clouds on your feet. They also don't get crazy sweaty, which is also a bonus. I also love the length. They're pre-shrunk, so what you see is what you get with the crew length. Currently, you can buy them in a range of colors. But keep in mind these babies are quite popular, so they often sell out. There's currently a waiting list for some of the hues.

The co-founders of Kotn, Rami Helali, Ben Sehl, and Mackenzie Yeates, also take pride in using direct-trade practices in Egypt. (Helali's familial home is in Egypt.) You'll notice the brand's logo on the socks in both English and Arabic. I also wanted to call out that Kotn is actually a Certified B Corporation and has the fourth-highest B-Impact Score of apparel brands in North America thanks to its efforts in sustainability. I encourage you to read more on Kotn's initiatives here.


(Image credit: @ktberohnViolette_FR)

Violette_FR Petal Bouche Matte Lipstick

If you're looking for the red lipstick, here you go. Just take it from Katie Berohn, associate beauty editor. Here's what she said: "I truly believe that this is the only red lipstick you need in your arsenal. It's supposed to replicate the texture and color of a rose petal, and it delivers. This shade of red looks good on all skin tones, and the way this particular lipstick is formulated makes it super buildable, so you can opt for more sheer, blurred coverage or a more precise lip. It's also incredibly long-wearing and doesn't transfer or smudge while you wear it. I wear red lipstick all the time, but this is the shade that consistently gets the most compliments."


(Image credit: @elizagracehuberFor Days)

For Days Baby Tee

Okay, we'll all admit it. There are a lot of good tees out there. So to narrow it down to one standout style to highlight in this assortment was no easy task. However, the Baby Tee from For Days took the top spot. The $28 find gives us '90s vibes in all the best ways. Fashion editor Eliza Huber had no problem praising her favorite tee. 

"The Baby Tee from For Days, a zero-waste brand that makes every one of its items out of recycled materials, is, without a doubt, the best white T-shirt I've ever owned—and that says a lot considering that as a fashion editor, I've tested out just about every white T-shirt on the market. What's great about the baby tee, other than the mission behind it, is 1) its fit and 2) its shape. This T-shirt fits super snug, which I love because I don't have to wear a bra with it (I'm a 32B for reference), but I still feel supported. It also accentuates my natural curves because of the way it sort of tapers in at the waist. The sleeves and length are both slightly cropped, so it hits right at the top of my mid-to-high-rise jeans. It's no wonder they constantly sell out. In other words, when you see one of these in stock in your size, snatch it up before someone else does," she explained. 

As Huber mentioned, the tee does go in and out of stock quite often, so if you see one, snag one. When producing this story, there were only two sizes left in the white option. 


(Image credit: @bobbyschuessler; Alex Mill)

Alex Mill Fisherman Cable Turtleneck Sweater

As the writer of this story, I couldn't complete the feature without singing the praises of my new favorite sweater. Say hello to the Alex Mill Fisherman Cable Turtleneck Sweater. The knit initially caught my eye because I'm a huge cable-knit fan, and the design is seriously trending right now. It also just looked dreamy with the chunkier fit. And trust, when the sweater arrived and I put it on, it was every bit as dreamy as I thought. First and foremost, it's super cozy and soft. It feels like a little slice of heaven. You know, it fits all the criteria of a great winter sweater. But what I wanted to highlight in greater detail are the reactions I received when I wore it for the first time. I got so many compliments.

During the first wear, I went to lunch (got complimented on it twice), went to three stores (people clocked it and mentioned something a total of four times), and ended with a dinner (got a compliment from the host and waiter). In reference to the latter, my favorite line was, "Where did you get that sweater? You look like the holidays." So, yes, I plan on wearing this glorious sweater on repeat throughout the holiday season and beyond. 


(Image credit: @shawnasimoneeKlur)

Klur Unseasonal Kind Lipid Replenishment Oil

The secret to flawless-looking makeup? Ultra-healthy skin. And this rich replenishing oil from Klur is the key to unlocking it. Jahns said, "I recommend this oil above all others because it's designed for all skin types (yep, even if you veer oily), and it will keep your skin bright, balanced, and dewy all year round. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have products that can effortlessly adapt to the season rather than the season forcing me to adapt my products. The potent mix of plant-based actives like vitamin C and E plus squalene and CoQ10 treat your skin to a healthy portion of protective antioxidants, which tag-team to form a bio-identical support system that mimics your skin's natural protective functions. Essentially, it's the smartest oil you can massage into your face."


(Image credit: Amazon)

Lemedy Tank Top

Similar to the T-shirt above, there are also a lot of workout tanks out there—and our own editors have tested out quite a few of them. But believe it or not, a standout silhouette for our editor Anna LaPlaca, in particular, happens to be on Amazon. She said, "This workout tank has thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon, and I can confidently say that the hype is legit. The material is thick and supportive, so it's good for both working out and lounging, and I happen to think it looks way more expensive than its $20 price tag. Normally, I take out the extra padding from activewear tops, but there's something about this one that fits so well (and honestly does a better job than any push-up bra I've owned)."

There are a variety of colors currently available, but we'll note that the style in white is low in stock. So if you want to get in on this A+ tank, you better act fast.

Next, check out more chic items to consider for the season.

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