Welcome to the first official Who What Wear 100. We identified 100 products across every major category, including everything from season-defining It buys to must-have wardrobe staples, so consider this your spring shopping bible. The goal of this colossal shopping list is to ensure that your seasonal shopping is finished by the time you’re done scrolling. If you let it, the Who What Wear 100 can be your final destination for every single spring purchase you had in mind—plus a few you didn’t know you needed. Assembled by some of our amazing editors, each product selection was handpicked by the best of the best, which means you can rest assured that we chose it for a reason.

Looking for the perfect white tank top? We found it. Affordable finds that look anything but? We’ve got dozens of them. Featuring event dressing, color trends, and pieces from our favorite emerging designers, this shopping guide will give you a macro-level view of the best products on the market for spring 2023. Essentially, we did all the work so you don’t have to. Trends, brands, price points, seasonal necessities, and more were considered when building the road map for this story, and we are so excited to share it with you. Good luck shopping the 10 categories we are deeming most important to consider for spring 2023.

Photo credits: @slipintostyle ; Courtesy of Miu Miu; Courtesy of Theophilio; @christietyler

Before we dive into the more overt categories in this product-filled shopping guide, we want to chat about the 10 season-defining items that everyone is talking about, literally. Each season, there are a handful of It items that take center stage thanks to the most talked-about runway collections and the latest viral videos on fashion TikTok, and today, we’re sharing the best of the best from all of the above. These are the kinds of pieces that scream “IYKYK” and will help set the tone for the rest of your spring 2023 wardrobe.

Let’s start with red socks. This affordable accessory is proving to be the number one styling hack for fashion people everywhere. This movement started in the fall and has trickled its way down to spring. Wear these with your favorite sneakers, with a miniskirt and kitten heels, or when you just want that extra pop of color without looking like you’ve tried too hard. Speaking of affordable finds, pretty much everyone in our office owns the viral $98 silver Gap jeans, as well as the Anthropologie drop earrings. What can we say—when the dupe is good, it’s good. In the luxury realm, we can’t get enough of the Loewe anthurium charm, and it seems like the rest of the world can’t either. This spring, we’re swapping our Bottega Jodies for our Sardines and are already planning on stealing Miu Miu’s hoodie styling for those transitional spring days.

The fashion industry’s idea of luxury has shifted a bit over the past couple of years. Luxury used to be defined by logos and splashy statements, but now, the messaging and the look are getting a little quieter. A more low-key approach to this luxury look is officially trending and can be executed via versatile wardrobe staples, sleek accessories, and timeless investment pieces. Right now, we’re looking to brands such as Toteme and The Row for those effortless and expensive-looking pieces in addition to COS and Mango for secret affordable finds.

If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, investing in a luxury timepiece is pretty much the embodiment of “low-key luxe.” We particularly love this pre-owned Cartier watch, but the world is your oyster when it comes to designer watches. In terms of handbags, we’re very into the idea of an anonymous bag free of labels and major distinct brand giveaways. We turn to Savette for these quiet-luxury carryalls. While we know there are currently tons of amazing options spread across all your favorite retailers that fit the bill, the 10 listed here should be the first to hit your shopping cart.

Florals, pastels, and white dresses for spring? While they’re hardly groundbreaking, those “cliche” motifs and trends are what define the season, and we’re okay with that. After a dreary winter, the thought of waltzing outside in a white sundress with a striped sweater draped around your shoulders and flower-adorned sandals on your feet sounds idyllic, and we are certainly not here to take that joy away from you. We’ve found the perfect floral tube top, the most versatile white dress, and a couple of niche buys for our fashion nerds out there.

If you’re going to wear pastels, there’s definitely a cool way to do it. We recommend starting with this light-pink leather bomber jacket from Source Unknown and working your way toward that perfectly sheer yellow Mango skirt. Searching for rosettes (aka the most talked-about trend of the season)? We’ve got you, but you won’t find the choker version here. We’re prioritizing rosettes on our shoes and handbags for an approach to the trend that feels fresh.

And just like that, we’re back outside. Now that event culture feels like it’s been restored to its regularly scheduled programming, we have places to be and people to see. What’s the most important part of any event? The outfit, of course. If it’s been a minute since you’ve bought anything remotely fun or striking for a night out, a wedding, or any festivity that might happen after-dark, this is your sign to treat yourself. Whether you’re in need of a dress for a black-tie event or are simply looking for that affordable but cute top to wear with jeans to dinner, we’ve got you covered.

With the shopping selections here, it’s clear we are begging you to show all the way up in terms of your look. Instead of wearing a simple black top with jeans on your next night out, we suggest this jaw-dropping (and shockingly affordable) Pixie Market bustier. You can’t be seen out without a rhinestone Brandon Blackwood bag on your arm, and you better believe we are fully in support of you splurging on that silver Coperni minidress. How could you not? Norma Kamali is the be-all and end-all of approachable and timeless eveningwear, and this little sheer number had our jaws on the floor. Style it with a full slip underneath for more coverage, or get a tad cheekier with the bra-and-underwear route. We’re in favor of all of the above.

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel like your outfit is missing something? Well, that something is one of these 10 “bits and bobs,” as we like to call them. The items sourced for you here are not the most important part of your wardrobe in terms of necessity, but they are often what can turn a basic outfit into a great one. From quirky hair accessories to unnecessary yet game-changing layers, each of these items is guaranteed to make any ensemble 10 times better and will undoubtedly grant you compliments galore.

When it comes to bits and bobs, you want them to be conversation starters, whether you got them at Zara or not. Speaking of Zara, those resin flower earrings are so Marni, but at a 20th of the price, and you can instantly look like you know what you’re doing by slipping into red tights from Amazon. PS: All the previous red-sock talk applies here. Since the weather seems to be uncooperative these days, a transitional piece seemed necessary here, particularly the By Malene Birger wool bib that can be worn either to the front or the side. We highly recommend exploring all the styling techniques on the brand’s site. There are gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but we’ll let you explore them on your own.

Supporting emerging designers is, hands down, one of the best parts of our jobs as editors. From discovering them to shopping them to interviewing them, we are constantly investing in the next generation of talent and are excited to be highlighting 10 of our current favorites here. This grouping is setting the stage for what’s to come in our industry. Featuring the It girl–worthy “wet” dresses from Di Petsa and the most exciting denim piece we’ve seen in a while from Conner Ives, get ready to engage with some of the most exciting new talents in our industry, and prepare to want to add absolutely everything to your cart.

Between Diotima’s mesh dresses and the frilly Fancì Club confections, you’re going to have a difficult time choosing your next vacation dress. New York–based brand Interior is the talk of the town for its mix of interesting wardrobe staples and evening pieces, but we’re particularly fond of the former. Luar and Clio Peppiatt are begging you to invest in one of their museum-worthy handbags, and if that Roberta Einer dress looks familiar, it’s because your favorite in-the-know influencer has recently worn it in every color.

Before you consider buying anything else, make sure you are fully stocked up on the essentials—or, as we like to call them, the workhorses. These are the must-have wardrobe staples that serve as the building blocks for any good outfit. They are extremely hardworking, as they get worn the most, and today, we’re here to share our 10 favorites for you to consider adding to your spring wardrobe. Featuring everything from the perfect white tank to a forward-looking trench coat, this assortment is key to making sure the rest of your seasonal purchases have a smart outfit for them to land on.

Some key callouts here include our team’s favorite white tank top, the Re/Done x Hanes ribbed tank, and The Frankie Shop’s pleated pants. Not only do these two make the chicest outfit when worn together, but separately, they are also the definition of perfection. The tank has an idyllic fit that feels slim but not tight and isn’t too sheer. The pants, on the other hand, deserve to be purchased in every color. If you’re questioning the price, don’t—these are well worth it.

Photo Credits: @bellahadid; @emnitta; @reformation

If you’re someone who loves color, this one’s for you. There are always a handful of color trends that circulate from season to season, but this spring, the most popular hues are exceptionally strong. As you can see from the grouping above, these trending tones are either bold yet wearable or subtle yet striking—an absolutely perfect balance. We personally love mixing two contrasting tones together, but if just a little pop of color is more your speed, we’ve got the accessories to satisfy.

Don’t be scared of the chunky bead necklace by Éliou if you’re used to wearing something a tad daintier around your neck. If Harry Styles taught us anything, it’s that these beads have the power to carry an entire tour aesthetic, which means they can carry your spring wardrobe. Metallics, especially silver, are officially everywhere, but our favorite way to incorporate the trend into our wardrobes is via accessories, particularly shoes. We know we’re focusing on spring here, but summer is also right around the corner, and that Christopher Esber dress is one you can buy now and easily wear on repeat for the next five months.

This one’s for all our shoppers who love a cheap find. Splurging on an investment-worthy piece is a shopping habit we will always support, but knowing how to source affordable finds that look anything but? That, friends, is a lifestyle. It’s shocking—we know—but the 10 products here all ring in at under $100. Whether you’re in the market for a new statement necklace or a chic LBD that is literally only $23 (!!!), look no further than this impressive assortment of the best spring steals.

A Who What Wear crowd favorite among the bunch is the Reformation Lindy Top, which most of our editors own in at least two different colors. Instead of buying another pair of mediocre flats from a fast-fashion retailer, opt for these striking Vibi Venezia velvet Mary Janes that you can wear from now through the summer. Unique layering is something we’re excited to dip our toes into this spring, largely in part due to the Miu Miu S/S 23 collection, and this red tulle Zara top feels like a fun piece to tackle. Lastly, you can’t enter the spring season without a cute crochet bag. We don’t make the rules, so just go ahead and buy that orange mini one.

A classic bit around the Who What Wear office is that, as editors, all we do is shop for a living. Yes, our jobs entail much more than that, but there is no doubt that we excel at hunting down the absolute best products across any category at any time during any season, period. We’re also really humble. Since we engage with pretty much every product ever, we are extremely picky about what we actually buy ourselves. The 10 products here are currently on repeat in each of our personal closets, and we are so excited to share them with you. From affordable dupes for our latest Prada obsessions to earrings every editor in our office wears, these items deserve a spot in your closet too.

Let’s talk about these Khaite jeans. Splurging on jeans can feel weird sometimes, especially if you are a vintage Levi’s connoisseur, but there is something magical about these Khaite jeans. The fit feels too good to be true, and the silhouette is timeless, which means the cost-per-wear breakdown practically sells the pants themselves. Our editors know that investing in something is worth it, and in that same vein of timeless investments, we bring you the Gucci Jackie bag. Brought back straight from the ‘60s, this bag has proven its ability to feel current in any sartorial climate, so we are nudging you to consider investing in one yourself. Either that or the super-pretty Des_Phemmes skirt that you might wear three times (but the photos will last a lifetime).

Next up, we brought the fitting room to you with our seasonal Great Try-On. See how our editors styled some of the best pieces from their favorite retailers.

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