The One Star Hannah Ware Shows Us Her Color-Coded Wardrobe


(Image credit: Samuel Schultz)

Hannah Ware, the star of the Netflix hit series The One, has mastered the art of color-coding her closet. 

During the pandemic, Ware moved into a house that was designed in the 1950s, meaning the proportions of each room are smaller. "I don't have the luxury of a large wardrobe, but I disperse my clothes throughout the house," she explains.

While that might seem like a pain to some, Ware uses the space to her advantage: "I can be psychotically organized about everything, and I do color-code."

Ware isn't kidding when she says she has color-coded her entire wardrobe. Across four rooms, her closet is organized in a way that just makes sense.

In the first room that Ware walks us through, she shows us her blues and everyday shoe collection, which includes more than one pair of sneakers. "I love Converse, I love Spring Court, and I like Vans," she gushes. 

Ware's everyday shoe collection wouldn't be complete without a couple of pairs of Birkenstocks—including Prada's take on the style that adds a bit more glamour—and Chanel espadrilles that Ware purchased on The RealReal.

Ware also loves bright colors, such as a red suit from Racil that she kept after wearing it to a premiere. "I tend to keep things that I really fall in love with that I wear to events or on set," she reflects.

Oh, and she has a truly incredible green velvet suit because everyone needs a velvet suit in their lives. 

Silk dresses are also a staple in Ware's wardrobe. Datura's silk dresses are a familiar face in her closet, including a long-sleeve red one that's perfect for the holiday season. "It's long sleeve and great and loose and comfortable. I'm very into comfort," she notes.

Beyond bold two-piece suits and luxurious silk dresses, Ware loves a good staple. From an oversize sweater that she owns in multiple colors to a good vintage tee, the majority of Ware's wardrobe is made up of wearable, everyday pieces that'll last a lifetime.

Ware also likes to hold on to items that have sentimental value. She wears her mother's engagement ring every day and even has a silver dress that she's owned since she was 14 years old.

See more of Ware's dreamy, color-coded wardrobe below!

Ready to color-code your wardrobe and add in a few new pieces? Shop Ware's closet below!

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