I Cling to This Cozy Wardrobe Staple Come Fall—9 Ways I'll Be Styling It

While some wardrobe staples come and go, there's absolutely nothing like a classic. A white turtleneck will always be a must-have, in my opinion. Just a few weeks ago, I went through my fall staples to figure out what I was missing. I found that it had been a while since I upgraded my selection of white sweaters. I also found that my favorite white turtleneck was piling and slightly outdated. While a practical person would be bummed to find that a sweater they once loved wasn't right for them anymore, I was thrilled with the opportunity to replace it in my collection. 

So if you're like me and have been holding onto things for a little bit too long, this is your sign to say goodbye to the sweaters of yesterday and hello to a brand-new future. At the same time, it's important to note that if you already have a great collection of white turtleneck sweaters, there are so many ways to wear them that I just have to tell you about. Below, find the nine white turtleneck outfits that I will be copying this fall.

Best white turtlenecks



When you want to be both comfortable and cool, there's no better way to feel dressed up than by wearing a turtleneck sweater with a pair of leather leggings. I'll be spending my Saturdays in an outfit like this all fall long.

Layer on layers is the perfect way to style a white turtleneck. It makes for the perfect base to drawing out an iconic look.

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This looks so luxe for an item that has such a great price tag.

Size up in this sweater-vest to get Yusra's look.

Finishing an outfit off with a wide-leg pair of jeans can never steer you wrong.

How to wear a white turtleneck



Forget what they say about wearing white after labor day. Pairing a white sweater with white pants will always get you that classic Ralph Lauren catalog look. I highly suggest it on a day when you aren't sure what you want to wear.

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I don't think I've ever seen a better white turtleneck.

I predict these pants will sell out very soon.

9 ways to wear a turtleneck



This is a head-to-toe Maison Valentino look that makes me love the brand even more than I already do. Each piece is so dynamic and I love the idea of layering a mesh turtleneck with another sweater on top.

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White turtlenecks for fall



You have no idea the power that the slip dress that's hanging in your closet holds. Adding a sweater on top will give it a whole new look just in time for fall.

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I can just tell that this one is cozy.

A slip dress that's good for both layering and wearing on its own.

Add on a scarf before winter hits and you'll be ahead of the game. When the weather cools down, pairing a turtleneck with a chunky scarf is a guaranteed strategy that will keep you warm.

I'm obsessed with how soft this sweater looks.



A matching set is a key item to always keep in your closet, as it's ready in a moment. I'm obsessed with anything that's knitted and pretty.

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I love when an item that's part of a matching set is something you can truly wear in way more ways than one.

You're going to love this skirt.



This photo is an example of layering done right. I am loving the way this shacket perfectly matches the fall colors while contrasting against the white turtleneck.



I love my wool peacoats but most of them don't take good care of keeping my neck warm. This is the perfect time to bust out a white turtleneck to bundle up. 

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