22 Chic White Jackets Because Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day

22 Chic White Jackets For Women In Every Style



There are so many arbitrary rules in fashion. Don’t mix gold and silver jewelry. Only wear one print at a time. No outfit repeating in the same week. Wear absolutely nothing from last season. Never do socks with sandals. And the rule I’m going to rip into in the next paragraph: You can’t wear white after Labor Day.

Honestly, I have no idea who came up with this rule. Part of me is convinced that it was something Blair Waldorf said in season three of Gossip Girl that somehow became sacred law. Another part of me is convinced that it was the originator of the “little black dress,” who needed to drive sales for LBDs in the winter. Either way, this rule is a false claim, and I fully intend to prosecute it.

Okay, I may be spending too much time with my paralegal roommate. Nonetheless, this is not only a rule that was created without reason, but there are also endless reasons to ignore it. Winter whites are powerful. White matches snowy surroundings, it’s equally as classy in the winter as it is in the summer, and it goes with everything. In the same way that black is a year-round staple, white should be, too.

Now, I understand that it may be difficult to just forgo this rule (and risk disappointing Gossip Girl’s Queen B). So I’ve made it a little less daunting by starting small with an easy way to incorporate winter whites into your outfits. Meet the white jacket: a versatile piece of clothing that can transition into any season. Whether it’s a cozy puffer, a cropped leather coat, or a woolen trench, white jackets are the perfect way to make a statement this winter while also keeping warm.

Ready to start breaking rules (but hopefully not your bank accounts) by embracing the winter whites? Then keep scrolling to see 22 chic white jackets in every style.


Somehow boucle manages to be very on-trend yet totally timeless.

White leather is having a moment, and I’m not mad about it.

Anyone else shook that this is denim?

22 Chic White Jackets For Women In Every Style



Bonus points for the pocket on the sleeve.

Um, a faux-fur puffer? The best combo.

I never knew I needed a lace moto jacket until now. 

This jacket is just the right length to go with any outfit.

22 Chic White Jackets For Women In Every Style



If you have to go to the office, at least make it look good.

Ordering this jacket right now.

One of the most flattering denim jackets around.

22 Chic White Jackets For Women In Every Style



I want this jacket and a weighted blanket to match.

Throw it over any outfit you wear to go out at night. This jacket can handle the bars and will stand out in a sea of black coats.

22 Chic White Jackets For Women In Every Style



At least in this jacket, winter workouts look a little better.

This jacket makes any outfit feel luxe.

22 Chic White Jackets For Women In Every Style



Pro tip: Wear this with leather pants and ankle boots.

A little oversized in all the right places.

Trying not to make my whole wardrobe shearling.

Throw it over a work outfit, or wear it with a dress at night. This jacket is perfect for all occasions.

I really want to be a marshmallow in this jacket.