The Pretty Heel Trend That Me, Celebs, and Fashion Insiders Simply Can't Quit

White heels



While my main shoes in rotation right now are sneakers and cozy boots, I’ve been slipping into heels on occasion when I feel like getting dressed up. My vintage Prada kitten heels are one of the most-worn pairs in my closet, but the white heels I added into my closet last year are following in a close second. A pair of padded leather sandals with an architectural heel, I was excited to scoop them up from Pernille Teisbaek’s collaboration with Gia Couture (and the brand just brought them back if you still want to get your hands on them).

The white heels seamlessly fit into my (mostly neutral) wardrobe and have proven to be an essential shoe to pair with pretty much any outfit I pull out of my closet. Looking to celebs and fashion insiders who have been longtime fans of the shoe style, I don’t know why it took me so long to start wearing them myself. Ahead, see more about the white heel trend and plenty of cool outfit ideas if you're inspired to wear them.

How I'm Wearing White Heels

While white heels aren't a staple that I've always had in my closet, they won me over earlier last year. Specifically, the puffed versions I'm wearing here that seem to go with just about anything in my closet.

With an oversize button-down shirt



Here, I paired white heels with an upsized button-down and leather Bermuda shorts. One of my go-to outfit formulas that I wear again and again.

How Celebs Are Wearing White Heels

If you look at practically any celeb's outfits, you're bound to find them in a pair of white heels at some point. With endless ways to style them, here, celebs show just how versatile they are.

With white denim


Getty Images/MEGA

Go for a tonal look like Kendall Jenner, by mixing shades of white and cream.

With a strapless dress


Getty Images/Gotham

Or, wear white head-to-toe like Rihanna.

With a miniskirt


Getty Images/Dominique Charriau

Looking for ways to style the miniskirt trend this spring? Just look to this stunning outfit from Zoe Kravitz.

How the Fashion Set Is Wearing White Heels

Just like celebs, fashion people are clearly tuned into just how essential white heels are in a great wardrobe. Ahead, see all of the amazing outfit ideas to borrow from insiders.

With relaxed trousers



Slouchy trousers are about to be everywhere. Here's a cool way to style them with heels.

With leggings



I don't know about you, but my leggings are getting more wear than ever.

With cargo pants



Cargo pants are making a big comeback. To add some polish, pair them with sleek heels.

With colorful nail polish



I normally stick to neutral nail polish shades, but this blue pedicure is making me rethink that.

With micro shorts



Another trend that will be everywhere this spring? Hot pants. This is exactly how to wear them with heels.

With flared pants



I'm starting to see flared trousers everywhere and love the way they're styled here.

With knee-high socks



Don't underestimate the power of a great pair of socks.

With a midi skirt



Here's exactly how to dress up any midi skirt in your closet.

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