These 3 Sites Never Sell Out of Woven Basket Bags


Style Du Monde

Basket bags are certainly not groundbreaking this season or next for that matter, because we've been eyeing them off on Instagram for quite some time now. Everyone from influencers and editors on holiday, to celebrities on their daily stroll are incorporating them in their off-duty style. We're coveting the low-key accessory to wear with every shade of colour this spring and summer. From all the online shopping we've been doing to find them, a slight problem we've noticed though is how retailers are struggling to keep them in stock, sadly having to resort to being put on a waitlist while they are back-ordered.

To save you time (and energy) we've found three sites you won't be disappointed in once you decide to make your purchase. Whether it's a large, round style you want to fill with fresh fruit and vegetables at the markets, or a mini clasp style to fit the essentials for a day trip to the beach, your new accessory is bound to bring life to your wardrobe.

So don't wait around, keep scrolling to shop a basket bag for yourself just in time for spring.

Olli Ella

Olli Ella stock just about every type of basket bag you can think of, including a range of pastel colours you want to be wearing all summer long. This lemon-coloured bag was from the kids' section, but is made for long days by the pool.

Hard to Find 

Hard to Find is a great site for all things unique and crafty. You can find a range of styles and sizes. This one is just the right size for carrying around at the markets on the weekend. Wrap a silk scarf around the base of the straps for extra detailing. 


You can find a range of basket bags on Ebay for an affordable price. This one in particular was made in Bali and is a unique cylinder shape, perfect for weekend brunch dates with your girlfriends. 

Opening Image: Style Du Monde 

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