Yes, You Can Wear Leggings Again: 5 Tricks to Make Them Look Chic

We're willing to bet that as a lover of contemporary fashion and style, you probably have a pretty respectable collection of leggings currently tucked away deep in a dresser drawer. The comfortable bottoms have long been shunned by the fashion community for being an outdated staple. 

Well, we’re here with some really great news for anyone who happens to love their leggings despite the haters: There are ways to wear them and still look fashion forward.

Keep scrolling for five suggestions on how to wear your leggings to make them look chic! (You’re welcome.)

Leggings are perfect for pairing with a giant sweater—the chunkier and longer, the better. Think: I could sleep in this outfit, but I’m wearing it out instead.

As we’ve seen, Chelsea boots are one of the coolest kicks around, and they continue to be a popular choice among the street-style set. They also happen to instantly modernize your leggings. 

Belted coats are another one of the biggest trends around this cool season, and they look fantastic worn over a solid set of leggings. 

Shirtdresses are a really popular item in the spring and summer—a light and breezy, easy outfit to wear when it’s a bit warmer out. But it remains perennially stylish, despite the dropping temperatures, and your leggings make for a great way to stay warm in the look.

And finally, yes, you can wear leggings as sportswear. This goes without saying—after all, leggings and yoga pants are practically indistinguishable—but just make sure you exercise care with how you style your look. Think: sleek bomber jackets, cool sneakers, and the like.

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