The #1 Thing to Wear With Jeans This Fall

After months upon months of dresses, shorts, and swimsuits, fashion girls are finally wearing jeans again, but what they're wearing with them has evolved, as it does every fall. Last year, we were all about "jeans and a cute top," and while that look is certainly still relevant, everyone seems to have collectively decided to add a little more polish to their jean outfits for fall 2018, and they're doing that via structured jackets and blazers. Now you know what to wear with jeans this fall.

We surveyed the best of the season's denim outfits thus far and found stylish woman after stylish woman pairing their jeans with a structured topper either worn over a T-shirt or turtleneck or worn buttoned up as a top (i.e., over nothing at all). The beauty of this outfit combination is that it's versatile enough to wear to work, a night out, on the weekends, to travel—you name it.

Keep scrolling to see the outfit in action at the various recent fashion weeks, and shop the best structured jackets and blazers inspired by the looks.