7 Affordable Things to Buy If You're Hating All Your Clothes Right Now

Are you at a place in your life when you look in your closet and are physically repulsed by everything that's inside? We've all been there. Getting dressed every day starts to feel repetitive, like you're wearing the same thing over and over out of sheer necessity. By now, the only option seems to be donating everything and starting from scratch. Well, my friends, I'm here to remind you that when it comes to all those go-to items in your closet and overworn (in a good way) basics, there is, in fact, a way to make them feel brand-new again.

Below, you will find a curation of seven product categories I always prioritize when I find myself in a closet rut. There is no shame in wearing the same pair of jeans multiple times a week or finding new ways to wear that white T-shirt of yours, all you need are a few shiny new items to mix in. From selfie-worthy hoops to tailored trousers you can wear instead of jeans, get ready to shop the (almost all) under-$100 roundup of products you should buy before you throw out everything in your closet.

Cool-Girl T-Shirts

Chances are, if you're hating all your clothes, you're currently experiencing a heavy rotation of jeans and T-shirts. That's fine, but if you're going to be wearing jeans and a T-shirt and not loving it, you might as well swap in a cool-girl shirt for that plain white one. Be it tie-dye or graphic, these shirts will make any pair of jeans look 10 times cooler. 

Selfie-Worthy Hoops

Even if everything in your entire outfit is something you consider a "basic," hoop earrings will make you feel more polished on the inside and the out. A major plus is that you'll probably be inspired to take a 'gram-worthy selfie while wearing said hoops. A win-win, no?

Slightly Oversize Blazers

There's something about a slightly oversize blazer that can make any outfit look instantly more forward. Seriously, a slip skirt and tank, jeans and tee, printed dress and sneakers—we could go on and on—will be taken to new heights with the addition of this boxy outerwear piece. 

Square-Toe Shoes

None of your shoes doing it for you? Probably because there's nothing that feels different or exciting about them anymore. Enter square-toe shoes. This currently trending footwear style is great because it can be applied to everything from pumps to flats to sandals and back again. This slight detail, no matter how simple the shoe, will make even that one shirt you feel like you always wear feel new again. 

Jeans You Actually Feel Good In

Chances are you currently have a drawer or shelf overflowing with jeans you refuse to give away but also never wear. While buying even more jeans might feel redundant, sometimes you really do need a fresh pair of confidence-boosting denim to make all of your other clothes feel cool again. 

Faux Baroque Pearls 

Maybe it's just me, but I always drool over girls I see wearing these baroque pearl necklaces—even more so when it's with something casual like a white T-shirt or button-down. The contrast between the two is so chic, and luckily, I was able to find some for under $100. 

Tailored Trousers

Never underestimate the power of a pair of tailored trousers. The styling techniques are endless, and they are a great alternative to your go-to pairs of jeans.