5 Important Basics Anna Wintour Endorses

Anna Wintour's Best Wardrobe Basics


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Where Anna Wintour leads, the fashion industry follows. Without any social media accounts for us to ogle, it's hard to get a glimpse of the editor in chief behind her signature oversize sunnies, but Vogue's new video series Go Ask Anna is certainly helping. One reader asks Wintour about the five wardrobe basics everyone should have in their closets, and, naturally, she knew exactly what to say.

In the video, Wintour says that having wardrobe basics are "very important if you're a woman on the go, a woman with a bit busy job, and you don't want to make too many mistakes." Of course, this video was filmed during a time when women really were on the go and stepping foot in an office, so for now, we can take her advice with a grain of salt and read up on how to update the basics section of your wardrobe. 

With that said, Wintour named four must-haves, listed below, but added a surprising choice as her fifth item. "It's also very important to have one piece that is really fun and different and just makes you feel great about yourself. If it's within the budget, look for an incredible piece of jewelry because to me, that's the most uplifting thing a woman can own."

Scroll down to see the five basics Wintour endorses, and shop our picks. 



1. Basic Sweater

2. Basic Pants or Skirt 

3. Basic Coat 

4. Shoes You Really Love

5. "An Incredible Piece of Jewelry"

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