The Secret to Nailing Your Office Dress Code Every Single Day

Dressing for the office is a task that proves to be difficult no matter who you are or where you work. Every office environment has a specific dress code, whether that be spoken or unspoken, by which employees are to abide, yet we still find ourselves stumped when gazing into our closets first thing in the a.m. If you work in a creative environment, how casual is too casual, and if you have a corporate meeting, is it too formal to wear a full suit? And what about all of the in-betweens? Are you overwhelmed yet? So are we.

Lucky for you, there are two incredibly talented women who set out to solve all of those problems for you and more. As the founders of the brand Argent, a contemporary workwear clothing line, Eleanor Turner and Sali Christeson are here to help you determine what your workwear look should be depending on your office's level of dress code. There are four different levels that you can choose to identify with, and thanks to the brand's Pinterest boards, you are provided with endless inspiration on exactly what each means.

Eleanor and Sali told us that "the idea for these style guides is to eliminate the guesswork around what is office appropriate. The boards are labeled from One (casual) to Four (formal). If you fall into One, you’re the most casual of all. You can get away with jeans and a tee at work. If you are in Two, things are slightly more formal, but not by much. You may wear slacks, but a blazer would be overkill. If you consider yourself in Three, you may work in a senior or client-facing role, possibly in a more corporate environment. Think suiting separates—mix and match, but no full on suits. Four, you’re the most formal on the scale. Suits are your everyday.”

To give you more of a visual perspective of their genius philosophy, we have broken down each level for you here with the most important pieces to note in each, as well as an example outfit for you to shop. So the next time you go to get dressed for work in the morning, let this guide navigate you in the direction of an appropriate yet completely stylish office ensemble.

Keep scrolling to see a breakdown of each of the levels and shop key pieces from each!