February Wedding Invites Coming In? Try These 4 Looks

Just when you thought the world was giving you a break from wedding season, another invite lands in your inbox. While most weddings tend to occur in summer and fall, there are always a few couples who opt for a winter wedding, prompting us to stare into the abyss of our closets and confront the ever-present conundrum of what ever to wear to the event. We’ll admit that colder-weather weddings propose a wardrobe dilemma not unlike deciding what to wear to a winter job interview.

Think achieving a level of polish even when it’s freezing out is next to impossible? It can be done, and we have a few ultra-chic ideas in store for you here. There’s no better time to break out the luxurious velvet and satin pieces you rarely get a chance to wear than for a winter wedding. Update your go-to cocktail dress to a rich velvet number, and pay closer attention to your outerwear: A chic coat or robe can make an entire look if you let it. Try one of these four ideas and consider what to wear to a February wedding solved.