Attending a Fashion Event? Here Are the Go-To Pieces to Have in Your Closet


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If you’ve been invited to attend a fashion event, the first question you may be thinking is What do I wear? The pressure to piece something together that will leave an impression can be overwhelming and figuring out an outfit that will impress those who live and breathe fashion can seem like an impossible task. But to be honest, you don’t have to be dressed to the nines to cultivate a good impression. In fact, we suggest taking a “less is more” approach. Think classic and polished. Unless this is a formal event, keep a casual feel to your look. If you will be working during the occasion, you’ll want an outfit you can move around in. One of our favourite looks to opt for if you’re not quite sure how to dress is a statement blouse and jeans with a great fit. It’s sharp enough to look put together without the fear of looking overdressed for what could turn out to be a more casual occasion. Keep reading to learn how we piece together one of our favourite looks to wear to a fashion event.

Minimal Jewellery

Since your blouse will be taking center stage in this look, keep your jewellery to a minimum. Small, glinting pieces in solid colors without embellishments will keep your look sleek. Try fine, chain jewelry or pieces that incorporate with geometric shapes to add interest without competing for attention with your blouse. If you are going to add a bolder piece of jewellery, try a statement earring instead.

Statement Blouse

Make the focal point of your outfit your blouse. You can do this in a few ways. Experiment with color and construction, or try a bell-sleeve or off-the-shoulder look. What sets the blouse apart here is its material. A cotton or poplin works well for events during summer or spring and adds a structured look to the cut of the blouse. Silk or satin can add an entirely new dimension to a piece on its own, even with a straightforward button-down.

Jeans With a Tailored Fit

If you’re attending a fashion event for work, it might entail a bit more running around than you anticipated. This is when a pair of jeans is useful over the usual dress. The right pair of jeans is a good way to dress down your statement-making blouse. Choose a pair that looks like it has a tailored fit. Jeans provide a cool-girl look to your outfit, but a fit that’s too slouchy—like a boyfriend cut—may be too casual, depending on the event. A darker wash can also help your jeans look sharper and dressed up.


A small, portable bag is a polished and practical choice at a fashion event. You want something that will be portable and lightweight—leave anything that isn’t a necessity at home. Like your jewelry, keep your bag fairly neutral without an excess of embellishments. If you want to experiment here, do so with a bold color choice.

Block Heels

Being at a fashion event means you’ll be doing a lot of standing and even running around if you’re working. Skip the stiletto, as amazing as they look, and opt for a heel with a chunkier heel, like a block heel. This will help give you height and add polish without straining your feet. If the event is outdoors, you can also opt for a chic wedge. For a menswear-inspired take, a pair of loafers or oxfords is also a sleek choice.

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