The Ultimate Dos And Don'ts Of Dressing For A Date

As we know from experience, picking a date outfit is one of those high-pressure situations that lends itself to misguided fashion choices. A sequin maxi skirt will draw him to me like a magpie right? Nope. The more red lipstick I slick on, the more he’ll notice my kissable lips right? Absolutely not. There’s so much emotion wrapped up in the occasion, that it helps to have some clear-headed ground rules for your outfit. Enter Juli Wilson, one of the top stylists of Keaton Row, an awesome (and free!) personalized online styling service.

Wilson has styled scores of clients for dates, and presents her top dos and don’ts here.

“Don’t let your accessories overwhelm. Who doesn’t love an elbow-reaching stack of bangles, but when your date can’t hear you over the clanking on your arm, you know you’ve piled on too many.” –Juli Wilson

“Do add a bit of glamour to your look by picking a key statement piece. Try an embellished clutch, a chunky necklace, or some killer (not literally) stilettos.” –Juli Wilson

“Do choose a shoe you’re comfortable in—test-driving a new pair can spell disaster if a moonlit stroll is suggested. Date night is not the time for a pirate-y limp.” –Juli Wilson

“Don’t be afraid to show a little unexpected skin. Pair a low-back top with skinny jeans, or a blousy crop top with a high-waisted pencil skirt. Don't overexpose. Whether it’s accidental or not, nothing good comes from flashing your lady bits.” –Juli Wilson

“Don't assume your fab LBD is the perfect date night go-to. Is it a fancy dinner or a football game? Knowing your surroundings, and dressing appropriately can go a long way to making the date more comfortable for you and your beau.” –Juli Wilson

“Do find balance. Over-the-top-trends are awesome in magazines, but can be far from wearable in real life. Take your favorite of-the-moment style, and make it right for you.” –Juli Wilson

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