Sorry to My Heels—These Comfortable Sandals Are All I Want to Wear Right Now

If there's one sign of growing up, it's our changing priorities when it comes to footwear. During my uni days and early twenties, I'd buy sandals with abandon, taken by cool silhouettes and multiple straps and towering heels that I thought would mark the start of my Sex and the City era. Those days are over. Maybe it's because my days now involve multiple commutes, rushing between meetings or packing a bunch of errands into a narrow time slot. Or maybe I'm just wiser. Whatever the reason, this summer I'm committed to finding sandals that my feet and I will be more than happy to wear.

@bubblyaquarius wearing Birkenstocks with shorts

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Don't be fooled—prioritising comfort no longer means having to give up on fashionable flats and heading to the orthopaedic footwear section. First, a number of brands that were once scorned for being "practical" are now admired as the originators of the coolest sandals—just look at Birkenstocks. Second, a number of newer brands are proving to be much more sympathetic to the wearer and are crafting their sleek silhouettes with wearability in mind. Australian minimalist brand St. Agni is just one example of a brand doing just that, meaning you can put on a pair of their barely-there sandals in the morning confident in the knowledge that they'll be just as comfortable by the end of the day. Whatever sandal you're after this summer, these are the brands I recommend checking out first.


1. Birkenstocks

female fashion influencer Taffy Msipa smiles while posing with a scenic mountain view behind her wearing a sheer longsleeve white dress, red bag, and black Birkenstock sandals

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Style Notes: Thanks to high fashion collaborations with the likes of Proenza Schouler and Rick Owens, the "ugly" sandals has well and truly become a fashion lover's must-have. In summer, it's the Arizona silhouette that really booms in popularity, providing a relaxed yet supportive silhouette that you can definitely wear all day long.

2. FitFlop

@angiesmithstyle wearing FitFlop thong sandals with a suit

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Style Notes: Thong sandals are a top style this season, particularly ones with chunky soles. Many brands may be jumping on the trend, by FitFlop is the true originator—and creates the most comfortable versions. Whatever you think of the brand, these sandals are guaranteed to get you nothing but compliments this season.

3. Everlane

@anoukyve wearing Everlane flats with shorts and t-shirt

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Style Notes: Everlane has become a go-to for well-made, carefully considered essentials at high street pricing. In my opinion, their sandals are some of the best—easy, timeless and deliciously comfortable.

4. St. Agni

@monikh wearing St Agni slides with a skirt and shirt

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Style Notes: St. Agni is a favourite amongst influencers for breezy, minimalist styles that beautifully echo the brand's Australian roots. It's no surprise that those clever Aussies are experts at creating seriously stylish sandals that are also a delight to wear.

5. Marks & Spencer

@emilyjdawes picture of M&S flip flops on a beach with Loewe raffia bag

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Style Notes: What can I say, our mothers are right—M&S really does make the comfiest shoes. And with collaborations with the likes of Sienna Miller and ready-to-wear collections that seem to sell out in a matter of days, there's no denying their fashion kudos, either.

6. Sleepers

@brittanybathgate wearing Sleeper flip flops with black linen trousers

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Style Notes: Influences like Brittany Bathgate have endorsed the Sleeper flip flops as the most comfortable they've worn. Luckily, they're also super sleek. Your holiday beach wardrobe is about to get a serious upgrade.

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