17 Foolproof Dresses to Wear on a First Date

Should you show some leg? Is pink too girly? How much cleavage is appropriate? Is this print too bold? Yes, we all have these thoughts when it comes to deciding what to wear on a first date to make the right impression, impress your date, and ultimately have a great time. Avoid wearing anything too fussy that needs constant attention to adjust and re-adjust. You’re going to want to be comfortable in whatever you end up wearing, freeing yourself up to focus on getting to know your date. When in doubt, go with the simple option. There’s nothing wrong with paring back your style a bit here—why not save that bold pattern for date number two? Lucky for you, we have 17 charmingly appropriate dresses that will solve all your first-date outfit dilemmas.

Scroll through to shop the dresses that are sure to make a great impression.

Michelle Scanga
Managing Editor
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