I Refuse to Wear Anything But These 8 Pieces When It's Over 90 Degrees

There's always that turning point in summer when it goes from 75° and sunny (and carrying a light cardigan "just in case" is entirely acceptable) to 90° and sweaty. Well, that point is here, and I can't say I'm not a little bummed about it. At this phase of summer, my outfits revolve less around the trends I'd like to wear and more, if not entirely, around the weather.

Since I grew up in Arizona, where it's not uncommon to see temps in the 100s, I've had years of trial and error when it comes to dressing for really hot days… lots and lots of error. Now that I have this whole hot-day-dressing thing down, it's only fair I share my practical picks with all of you. There are eight specific items I rely on for over 90° weather to create my summer outfits. Oh, and you won't sacrifice on style one bit—that you can trust me with.

Cotton Dresses

Summer cotton dresses



Cotton is known for being breathable, so when I'm shopping for dresses midsummer, I make sure they're primarily made from this fabric. Maxis, midis, and minis are all on my approved list.

Any sleeveless top is an obvious choice for warm weather, but ribbed tanks are it for me this year. They're on-trend, easy to style, and the perfect backdrop for my favorite necklaces.

Linen Bottoms

linen shorts



Linen is light and breathable, making it one of the most practical summer fabrics for any style of apparel. I particularly gravitate toward linen shorts and pants for when I want to walk around without worrying about feeling sticky and uncomfortable.

Camp Shirts



Camp shirts naturally have an oversize shape, making them the perfect loose top for hot days. I like to wear mine over a bikini, as seen here, or tucked into denim shorts. You really can't go wrong either way.

denim shorts



Jeans are my love language, but I simply won't bear the discomfort of wearing them in hot weather. Denim shorts, however, are a big yes. They look just as cool with all of my favorite tops, including the ones in this story, but won't cause unbearable sweat down my legs. (If you know, you know.)

Oversizse T-Shirts

Oversize cotton tees



I don't need to tell you that T-shirts make great basics year-round. However, in the summer, I exclusively wear oversize versions. The looser fit means the fabric won't cling to your skin when it's hot and humid out. Sometimes I buy regular tees in a size up, but I find the options that actually come in a boxier fit are ideal.

Cropped Cardigans

Best cropped cardigans



Button-down cardigans have been a trend for several seasons now, with cropped versions reigning supreme for warmer weather. They're cute and comfortable—just make sure to choose lightweight fabrics. Wool is not your friend this time of year.

Best biker shorts



Leggings are simply not an option for me when it's over 90° (or even 80° honestly), so it's biker shorts all the way when I'm looking for an athleisure look. I love sweat-wicking options for working out and ribbed cotton ones for just hanging out at home.