19 Outfits From Our Readers That Are Perfect for the Heat

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Maybe it’s because I’m a Cancer sign, but I live for the summer months. What I don’t live for is the summer style conundrums one faces when trying to find the perfect swimsuit or a foundation that won’t melt off your face. Even for an editor, it can be challenging coming up with summer outfit ideas you won’t overheat in, but our readers are making the seemingly challenging task look easy. They’re serving up looks that are not only heat-proof and look cool too. Keep scrolling for some of our readers' hottest outfit ideas along with the key pieces needed to re-create each look for yourself. 

Key piece #1: lightweight blazer

WHO: Daleeda Soomar

WEAR: Blazer + Tube Top + Shorts

When you’re working at home and you still want to keep it professional without overheating, the best piece of clothing you can invest in is a lightweight blazer. You can take a cue from reader Daleeda Soomar, and pair it with a tube top, or opt for a cooler, more Zoom-conference-friendly outfit idea by pairing it with a simple tank top underneath. 

Who: Solène OJ

Wear: Matching Linen Suit

If we’re getting more specific about what type of blazer is going to keep you cool during the summer, then you should opt for a linen blazer like reader Solène OJ did. It’s not only polished enough for working from home, but this lightweight fabric will also keep you feeling fresh. 

Key piece #2: a white dress

Who: Olivia Natalie 

Wear: White Puff-Sleeve Dress + Woven Hat

Another way to beat the heat in style? Opting for a white dress. And while there are so many types of styles you can opt for, we’re feeling reader Olivia’s puff-sleeve midi-dress interpretation of this summer heat–busting staple.

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Who: Karen Hwang 

Wear: White Baby-Doll Dress

Did you just think of how hot you’d be still wearing a midi-length dress? Don’t fret. Who What Wear reader Karen Hwang has an alternative outfit idea for you. Enter the baby-doll dress. It’s the perfect staple for those unbearably hot days.

Who: Suzan Nouiga 

Wear: White Shirt Dress + Statement Earrings. 

Some like it hot—and if you’re one of them, we suggest you take a cue from reader Suzan Nouiga and opt for a statement V-neck white shirtdress. Whether you wear the exact Jacquemus dress Nouiga is wearing or an affordable dupe, this look will definitely keep you cool.

Key piece #3: a matching set

Who: Kat Hsu 

Wear: Matching Shorts-and-Top Set + Dainty Jewelry

Sometimes the summer heat will have us looking like a real hot mess, but there’s a solution to avoid such a conundrum: a matching set. Next time you're struggling with what to wear to that socially distanced picnic, we suggest you copy this look from Kat Hsu. 

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Who: Mimi Orere 

Wear: Matching Skirt Set + Statement Bag

Matching sets don’t have to just be shorts; you can re-create this outfit idea by pairing a matching top and skirt, like our reader Mimi Orere did. No matter what top or bottom you choose, this is an outfit idea that can be pulled off with ease.

Key piece #4: a slip dress

Who: Gemma Katrina 

Wear: Slip Dress + Statement Earrings

While there’s plenty of casual dress trends popping up, nothing quite beats the timeliness of a slip dress. Plus, who wouldn’t want to replicate this look spotted on reader Gemma Katrina?

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Who: Riri Sin 

Wear: Printed Slip Dress + Sneakers

It should also be noted that your signature summer slip dress doesn’t have to be a singular color. Replicating reader Riri Sin and adopting a pattern this summer can keep you looking fire all season long.

Who: Dionne Kaliisa 

Wear: Silk Slip Dress + Layered Necklaces. 

The greatest thing about slip dresses is not that they can come in all types of prints, colors, and fabrics (though, that’s an added bonus); it’s that this style can keep you looking and feeling cool no matter where or what you’re doing. Personally, though, we’re here for copying reader Dionne Kaliisa and rocking a slip dress in the comfort of our homes for the rest of the summer. 

Key piece #5: bra-inspired top

hot outfit idea



Who: Chainky

Wear: Bra-Inspired Top + Maxi Skirt

Disclaimer: This look isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself wanting to dip your toe in one the summer’s coolest trends, we recommend you copy reader Chainky and pair the look with a maxi skirt to balance out how much skin you’re showing. (Bonus points for the readers who try out this outfit idea with their signature bikini top.)

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Who: Reema Mui

What: Bra-Inspired Top + Shorts + Slides

Maybe it’s just me, but reader Reema Mui makes a serious case for bra tops this summer. Not only is it an on-trend outfit that can be worn in the comfort of your own home, but it’s also a look that’s easy to replicate and will make you feel your hottest all summer long. 

Key piece #6: a bustier top

hot outfit idea



Who: Daniela Moreno

Wear:  A Bustier Top + Slacks + Strappy Sandals

While we’ve pointed out that bra tops are a thing right now, it should also be noted that their more conservative sister, bustier tops, are worth trying this summer. This style’s variation of prints, colors, and price points poses it to be the hottest of the season. 

hot outfit idea



Who: Emmanuelle

Wear: A Bustier Top + Jeans

The bustier top trend is actually catching on because of its extreme styling versatility. Not only can you pair it with slacks like Daniela did or with jeans like Emmanuelle did, but you can also wear it to the grocery store or for your next Zoom happy hour. Basically, this is the piece that is the hot ticket for any wardrobe.

Key piece #7: linen pants

hot outfit idea



Who: Alyssa Perez

Wear: Linen Pants + Tie Top + Sandals

What have I learned from Who What Wear reader Alyssa Perez? Never underestimate the power of linen pants. They can make the outfit. No matter how you choose to style them, this is a foundational piece for every summer wardrobe.

hot outfit idea



Who: Macarena Nieto

Wear: Linen Pants + Crochet Top

Look at this outfit idea from our reader Macarena Nieto, and tell me to my face that linen pants aren’t the best; they make this grandma-inspired crochet trend too hot to handle.

Key piece #8: maxi dress

hot outfit idea



Who: Yousra Zein

What: A Maxi Linen Dress + Woven Hat

Who said a hot outfit was all about bearing skin? Whether you’re a modest dresser or just want a comfortable outfit idea, copying reader Yousra Zein’s look is a sure way to look and feel your best this summer. (Pro-tip for pulling off this style: Opt for silks, satins, linens, and cotton fabrics to keep yourself from overheating.)

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Who: Phylicia

What: Black Maxi Dress + Mules + Anklet

When it comes to styling a maxi dress for the summer, we could all take notes from reader Phylicia. Nothing quite says beating the heat in style like pairing a cotton maxi dress with a pair of mules.

Key piece #9: biker shorts

Hot outfit idea



Who: Farah 

What: Biker Shorts + Sports Bra + Duster. 

Running errands in the heat can be a struggle, but luckily for us, reader Farah has the perfect outfit idea to keep you cool while running about. Opting for a biker-shorts outfit in the summer is not only heat-proof, but it’s also a practical choice that you won’t have to worry about in the late afternoon.



Who: Meg Sircar 

What: Neon Bike-Shorts Set + Denim Button-Down

Don’t be fooled—just because an outfit is perfect for those hot days doesn’t mean it can’t look good. What reader Meg Sircar’s look teaches us is that summer basics, like bike shorts, don’t have to actually be basic. There’s always the perfect outfit waiting; you just have to get creative.