6 Outdated Summer Trends We're Officially Over and Their Chic Replacements


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Summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about your warm-weather wardrobe. But before you break out those old favorites from last year, you might want to take a closer look at what you're wearing. Are you still holding on to outdated summer trends that need to be retired? I know I am. I needed a little push to get rid of fashion pieces that were ready to be retired, and I thought, why not ask my coworkers?

A word to the wise? If you're not ready for tough love, don't talk to fashion editors about those challenging closet cleanouts. My colleagues weren't afraid to tell me exactly what they felt needed to be pulled from my summer wardrobe. It seems I might be guilty of holding on to one or two outdated trends myself. But if you're like me, don't worry. I've rounded up the six summer trends Who What Wear editors are officially over and their chic replacements. 

Skip: Pleated Miniskirts

Shop: Sleek Maxi Skirts


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"Feel free to disagree, but I think pleated miniskirts have peaked and quickly become oversaturated. I'm much more interested in long skirts that make my outfits look effortlessly '90s-inspired." — Allyson Payer, senior editor

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Skip: Smock Dresses

Shop: Drop-Waist Dresses


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"While they've definitely been popular in recent years, I'm tired of the smocked dresses that were everywhere. This summer, I'm into drop-waist dresses that are just as easy to wear but lend a forward and elevated feel to even the simplest of warm-weather outfits." — Anna LaPlaca, fashion editor

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Skip: Crochet

Shop: Semi-Transparent Gauzy Knits


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"Not to say that crochet is over, but I think there's a big potential for semi-transparent gauzy knits this summer. It's the perfect compromise for those who felt a little intimidated by engaging in the full-on sheer trend because while your undergarments are visible, it's not completely see-through. I think this trend really shines best with coordinating sets. Rihanna recently wore a red Alaia set I am completely in love with, and Mango's take is top tier!" — Indya Brown, market editor

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Skip: Ditsy Floral Dresses

Shop: Minimal Maxis


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"While there's always an occasion for ditsy floral dresses, they're just not my preferred pick. I've always found them hard to style more than once, and I like my wardrobe to be as versatile as possible. I prefer simple and pared-back maxis because they offer the same modest style but can be styled in a variety of different ways." — Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor

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Skip: Micro Miniskirts

Shop: White Trousers


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"I spent much of last summer in a micro-miniskirt. This year, however, I'm opting for a more casual yet ever-elevated bottom option: white trousers. From breezy linen to tailored pieces to baggy cotton chinos, there's really no wrong move when filling your wardrobe with this trend. I'll be styling them with a great belt to tie the look together and pairing them with white basics, including tanks, tees, and button-downs." — Eliza Huber, editor

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Pause: Sheer Dresses

Shop: Smock Dresses


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"Although my friends all seem to be loving sheer dresses for the summer (it's hot!), I find myself gravitating toward long-line smocked dresses due to their comfort and versatility. I already have so many in my closet, and frankly, they're the easiest thing to style when paired with some simple leather slides and a raffia bag." — Ana Escalante, assistant shopping editor

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Skip: Logo Sandals

Shop: Minimalist Styles


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There was a time not that long ago when everyone's summer sandals had to have a logo on them. Whether it was a designer favorite or a high street It-buy, we were all into logos. These days, the fashion crowd is gravitating toward minimalist styles that are artfully constructed. Whether it's an elevated take on thong sandals or gladiator sandals that aren't too flashy, you're sure to find a style you love here.

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Next, let's get started on your summer wardrobe.

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