7 Pieces to Wear When It Won't Stop Raining in Seattle


Collage Vintage

You can't expect a trip to Seattle to be complete without 1. a visit to Pike Place Market 2. a cup of coffee at the original Starbucks and 3. at least one day of nonstop rain. While we're never thrilled at the thought of a rainy day, it's one of those weather scenarios that warrant breaking out the waterproof attire we've been secretly hoping we'd get the chance to wear soon.

Don't fret about what to wear in Seattle when the forecast is full of clouds. Now's the time to put all those trench coats and combat boots to use and face the downpour in true Seattle style. So feel free to leave your clunky umbrella at the door and opt instead to wear the rain-appropriate garments that a trip to Seattle wouldn't be complete without.

Go on to shop the seven items we think are stylish essentials to wear in Seattle, whether or not the forecast includes precipitation.