After a Weekend in Napa, I'm Sold on "California Cool"—6 Things I'm Buying


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Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I'll take any excuse to go on a vacation. Two weeks doesn't pass without my friends seeing me post from another city or country that I had been dying to explore. A place that has been on my list for some time now just so happens to be Napa Valley. Take a drive outside of San Francisco and you'll find yourself in what I would consider a bit of an underrated luxury travel destination.

When I first started planning my outfits for this trip, black-tie attire was included in my suitcase, but after some research on the typical attire in Napa, I realized it's the land of "California cool." Casual is the preferred dress code, as people there love to wear sweaters, jeans, and laid-back dresses. As I attempted to tone down my glamorous persona for a bit more of a chill wardrobe, I realized that I could get used to this lifestyle. While I was still one of the more overdressed people around me, it felt good to wear more relaxed clothing. My shopping cart is now filled to the brim with casual-cool things inspired by Cali. So below, as told through my outfits on this trip, you'll find the six pieces I'm buying after my trip out West. 

1. Printed Maxi Dresses


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I can't go on a vacation without packing a slew of dresses to wear throughout the entirety of my trip. It simplifies getting dressed and helps keep the suitcase light. So, as I transitioned to a more casual wardrobe, one thing that remained in place was my love for a printed maxi dress. This was a bit on the more formal side for a trip to Napa, but it still managed to fit in.

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2. Effortless Denim


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Californians love their denim and for good reason—it's comfortable and goes with everything. Obviously, having a pair of loose jeans in my suitcase was a given and I didn't regret it once. Now, I'm looking for more styles to call a part of my wardrobe.

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3. Easy Flats


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You may not be able to tell in this photo, but among the most glamorous dress that I packed for this trip lies a pair of flat sandals. This is quite a change from the kitten heels that I wear almost on a daily basis, but it worked out quite well on this occasion. 

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4. Oversize Leather Jackets


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Allow me to introduce you to the best travel day outfit I've ever worn. Layers upon layers helped me deal with the ever-changing temperatures on the aircraft. The most important part of the look for me was the leather jacket. Another California staple, this was the perfect piece of outerwear to bring along with me on my trip. I'm still shopping for more.

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5. Minimalist Jewelry


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Usually, I pack an entire case of jewelry for a vacation, but this time, around all I brought with me were minimalist jewelry pieces. I only brought a small number of pieces so that I could wear them on and off the plane on my travel day to keep track of everything. These simple pieces fit in well with my surroundings, as most people wore little to no jewelry.

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6. Sweaterdresses


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I've been waiting for my moment to wear the first sweaterdress of the season, and here she is. While a lot of my evening dresses feel formal, anything that's knitted takes it down a level for a more casual look. Plus, they're the most comfortable thing in my closet.

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