What to Wear in Mexico

Figuring out what to wear in Mexico (which might just be your next warm-weather getaway), may not seem like a difficult task at first, but there's actually a lot to take into account when planning your vacation wardrobe. The first thing to consider? What's on your itinerary and what will you need for said activities. For example, if you plan on doing a lot of sight-seeing tours, you'll definitely want to pack lightweight, comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. If you plan on spending your time lounging in the sun, then you definitely don't want to forget the usual beachside essentials: a swimsuit, a pair of sunglasses, and a sunhat. 

Thinking ahead ensures you're adequately prepared once you arrive at your destination. So to help you cover all the bases, we decided to curate an edit of all the thing you would need in Mexico, depending on your itinerary. Below, see what to wear in Mexico, all in one place.