What to Wear in Bali: Your Comprehensive (and Stylish) Guide

what to wear in bali



There's no denying that Bali is a magical place, but heading to a foreign island that's completely on the other side of the world can be quite stressful as far as your packing situation goes. I recently visited the island myself and was wary of what kinds of essentials I should be packing. After spending an incredible week exploring, I can confidently pass along my short but necessary list of what to wear in Bali.

Most of the items ahead won't come as a shock to you—swimsuits, sandals, the works—but, of course, we took those and added our own fashion-girl spin. Here, you'll be able to shop the coolest sunglasses, most colorful swimsuits, and more, all fit for your most stylish Bali vacation ever. 

Go on to find out what to wear in Bali, and shop our picks for each essential. 

Colorful Swimsuits

Available in sizes XS to L. 

For Bali, we suggest taking your swimwear game to the next level with bright colors and prints. After all, you are vacationing somewhere tropical. 

Cool Sunglasses

Since your daily look will mainly consist of a bikini and some sandals, make sure your eyewear really pops. Opt for forward shapes and striking colors over your go-to neutral pairs.

Wide Straw Hat

There's no denying the power of the sun in Bali, so a wide-brim hat is very necessary. You'll appreciate the protection while hiking through rice fields, playing with monkeys, visiting temples, and, of course, lounging by the beach.

Flat Sandals

Available in sizes 5 to 11.

The majority of your days will consist of trekking back and forth from the beach, walking through temples, and exploring local markets, meaning heels are an absolute no. However, that doesn't mean you have to wear flip-flops. We suggest a fun pair of flat slides.

Lightweight Dress

Available in sizes XS to L.

A versatile, lightweight dress will be more convenient than you realize during your time in Bali. Throw it on over your swimsuit, dress it up for dinner, or wear it while sightseeing.

Festive Beach Bag

Carry around your necessities in style with a fun raffia tote. They are lightweight, won't create heat against your body when you carry one on your arm, and won't get ruined by the sand that's bound to creep inside.

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