What to Wear in 15-Degree Weather: Your 9-Piece Capsule

According to the calendar, spring is officially here. The trees are shedding blossom, wedding season is underway and couldn't be further from our minds, however, there's another important matter we have to address. The sun may be out but it's still quite chilly after a rollercoaster few months of warm/cold/warm again/cold again and now with temperatures hitting the low-to-mid teens, what do you wear in 15-degree weather? Luckily, we've sorted through some key pieces to have on standby to help answer that major question.

what to wear in 15 degree weather

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Fifteen degrees might seem cold to some, but it's actually a pretty nice temperature (for me) as you're still warm enough when walking but perhaps it's a little too cold to sit on a park bench in a t-shirt. A brisk breeze could really throw your outfit choice off. Still, this indeterminate forecast is difficult to dress for. Wear too thick a knit and you'll feel flushed, but breezy, lightweight textures like cotton and jersey might feel too cool on their own. To help you assemble outfits to suit the temperature, we've rounded up nine foolproof suggestions from some of our favourite influencers, who seem to have the art of transseasonal dressing down.

With everything from an alternative to bulky winter coats to the hero piece you'll consistently reach for over the next six months, scroll on to see nine impressive outfits that perfectly demonstrate what to wear in 15-degree weather. Then, should they not already feature in your wardrobe, proceed to shop the key pieces you need to re-create them.

1. Key Buy: Trench Coat

what to wear in 15 degree weather

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Style Notes: Trench coats are considered a year-round staple for most fashion types, but they loan themselves particularly well to middle-of-the-road temperatures, too. Often lightweight and resistant to unpredictable weather, they're the perfect addition to any autumn/winter capsule.

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2. Key Buy: Knitted Co-Ord


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Style Notes: We honestly believe this is the easiest way to get dressed during this odd weather time. It's super polished and can be mix-and-matched for various styling options.

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3. Key Buy: Mary Jane Ballet Flats


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Style Notes: If you invested in a 2023's biggest shoe trend, the ballet flat, last spring, then you'll be pleased to hear that they're sticking around for 2024 too. Wear the all-wearing item with socks, tights or barefoot when the sun is out with a pretty dress or cropped jeans.

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4. Key Buy: Leather Jacket


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Style Notes: Look to jackets rather than coats for a good cover-up. Leather iterations are on our radar right now, especially when sized up and worn with jeans.

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5. Key Buy: The Optimistic Maxi Dress


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Style Notes: What we love about dresses is that they provide an easy outfit solution that works for just about every occasion you can think of. Sure, its chilly now, but once the sun hits you're going to want something light and easy, and unlike a summer mini, a maxi keeps a little more warmth in, and looks great with a cardigan, leather jacket or blazer (also in this capsule).

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6. Key Buy: Heavy Blazer


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Style Notes: Sure, it's 15°, but it still feels too soon to whip out the heavy-duty coat just yet. Instead, look for woollen blazers, which will keep you toasty but won't look out of place at this point in the year.

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7. Key Buy: Knitted Dress


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Style Notes: Comfortable but chic in equal measure, knitted dresses have become a firm favourite of ours over the last year and double up as the ultimate 15-degree-weather throw-on. Add whatever footwear you feel comfortable with; though, it doesn't come much sleeker than leather boots in autumn, and flat shoes in spring.

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8. Key Buy: Leggings

what to wear in 15 degree weather

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Style Notes: 15° marks the perfect temperature to comfortably layer up. Leggings are cosy enough to avoid the chill but light enough to wear with anything—they'll make all of your casual outfits instantly feel more appropriate for the temperature, too.

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9. Key Buy: Cardigan


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Style Notes: A moment for the over-performer—the cardigan. Ideal for the days where you're cold when you leave the house but as you warm up you need to get a little air. The cardigan is an all-rounder that goes with dresses, jeans, skirts, mini skirts, coats...I could go on...

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