What to Pack for the Beach so You Get Ample Insta Content

Recently I found myself packing for a long weekend trip to a beach destination where the only activity on my itinerary was to sunbathe, swim, and repeat. It was an ideal getaway to relax and unplug. But being the digitally native millennial that I am, naturally, I began with packing for my beach trip by considering which items would be the most Instagram-worthy. I can't help but admit that for most trips I go on, I pack at least a few items that are guaranteed to be photogenic.

So when it came time to put my suitcase together, I made sure to pack specific items like a large straw hat and a netted tote bag that have proven over and over to be Instagram winners. Sure, I swam and laid out my fair share, but I also made time to snap as many photos as I could of the beach outfits I styled. Curious to know what to pack for the beach so you can also get ample content to refresh your Instagram feed (or just for fun)? The following nine items are a must-pack in my book.

Pack these items for your next beach day and you're sure to get the best photos out of your adventure.