We've Taken a Vow to Stop Buying These Fashion and Beauty Items in 2020

A new year (or new decade) feels like a great time for a fresh start, or in this case, a clean break. It's so easy to fall into the pattern of finding something you like and just buying similar items over and over without even realizing it, but we're vowing to break those patterns this year. Another shopping "mistake" we're trying to shake in 2020 is continuing to buy things that don't work for us simply because they're popular (or on sale).

Are you itching for a shopping restart as well this fine January but looking for some inspiration? Below, our editors have broken down the fashion and beauty items we're vowing to quit buying this year (and why) plus what we're spending our freed-up cash on instead. Happy New Year! (We can still say that mid-January, right?)

Quitting: Uncomfortable Bras

"I'm quitting my uncomfortable bras this year (or maybe just stuffing them to the back of my drawer and pulling them out only when truly necessary). I purchased this Boody Body bra three times already because there's nothing like it in terms of comfort. This is the only bra that I don't want to take off when I get home at the end of the day. I find most sports bras—which should be comfy—too restricting and tight, and even though this one has a sports bra-like cut, it somehow truly feels like nothing when you put it on. I consider this bra a necessity on any long-haul flights and panic if I don't have a clean one at the ready. I also love that the brand produces multiple shades of nude and is produced in an eco-friendly and ethical manner."

Quitting: Cotton Q-Tips and Makeup Remover Pads

"I'm not buying anymore throwaway cotton Q-tips or makeup remover pads this year. Bamboo and silicone replacements work just as well! It's a small sustainability step that I'm hoping will add up over time."

Quitting: New Jeans

"I finally feel like I have a very solid collection of jeans, so I don't plan to invest in new denim. Instead, I'll be putting my money behind tailored trousers—an essential item that's glaringly absent from my closet."

Quitting: New, Trendy Skincare Products

"Recently, I've been skipping an elaborate skincare routine, so I'm not buying many new, trendy products. Instead, I'm focusing on replacing the key essentials that really work for me, like a great vitamin C serum. I can't live without this one from Skin Design London. it really makes my skin glow."

Quitting: Black Boots

"Without a doubt, I have enough black boots (ankle and knee-high!) to last me a lifetime. This year, I'll be investing in a modern pair of heeled loafers instead—a trend we saw all over the spring 2020 runways."

Quitting: Eye Cream

"In an attempt to seriously reduce my dark under-eye circles, I overdid in the eye cream department last year. This year, I'll be focusing on salvaging my tired eyes with more sleep. A magnesium supplement is said to aid sleep and enhance feelings of calmness."

Quitting: Basics

"I think I've reached my quota on every type of basic out there at this point. Shoes, sweaters, T-shirts, tanks, jeans, black pants—you name it, I've got an arsenal of it. This year, I'm vowing to pump the breaks on all the simple pieces and start investing in a few more interesting items to make all my outfits a little less boring."

Quitting: Single-Use Floss Pics

"Much like everyone else, I really hate flossing but can actually get myself to do it with the help of those easy little floss picks. However, I was feeling really guilty about the unnecessary plastic use until I found these on Amazon. I stopped buying the plastic kinds and now use these exclusively with the same exact results. Game-changers."

Quitting: Black Liquid Eyeliner

"I am a liquid-eyeliner fiend who can never pass up an opportunity to add a new, black option to the queue. Since I currently have enough inky formulas to draw an infinite amount of cat-eyes, I'm going to turn my attention to colorful gel eyeliner this year. After all, it's the 2020 makeup trend I'm most excited about."

Quitting: Denim

"I have an obscene amount of denim in my wardrobe, so I'm making a conscious effort to explore other kinds of pants this year. I love the versatility of suit trousers, so I'm going to spend some time figuring out the exact length and silhouette that would be most flattering on my petite frame."

Quitting: Sneakers

"I think it's safe to say that my sneaker offering is pretty set for the moment. I have the perfect white sneakers, high-tops, and statement iterations to suit my style. This year, I want to invest more into my boot collection—specifically, chunky silhouettes."

Quitting: Crew-Neck Sweaters

"While I wear basic crew-neck sweaters on the regular, I don't think I need any more. I have a well-rounded assortment. That said, I want to stock up on other forward-feeling knits like the polo styles that are making waves in the market."

Quitting: Impractical Bags

I've always been fond of quirky bags, despite their lack of versatility. (What can I say? They're fun and they make me happy) But I think it's time to save up for more everyday investment bags that are roomy, well-made, and timeless.

Quitting: Nude Lip Colors

I wear nude lip colors pretty much every day, so it makes sense that I'd own a ton of them and adding to my collection would be a waste of money. Instead, I'm putting my cash toward more eye shadow palettes (an area I realized I was lacking in) which take the guesswork out of figuring out what shades to wear together and are great for travel.

Quitting: Heavy Matte Lipsticks

"I never feel comfortable saying I'm completely quitting a certain beauty product or trend, but for 2020, I plan on wearing less heavy matte lipstick formulas and more shiny and sheer options like the below from Armani and Kosas. Not only do they wear better throughout the day and require fewer touch-ups, but they're also more hydrating and have great ingredients to keep lips looking plump, healthy, and flake-free."

Quitting: Blowouts

"Also, I need to spend less money on blowouts and less time with my blow dryer for the sake of maintaining my light blonde hair (I've jumped onto the bleach and tone train), so I'll be air-drying my hair a lot more in 2020. This spray from IGK is a game-changer. It enhances your natural texture and majorly expedites your natural dry time. I have a little bit of a wave naturally, but if I need some extra polish, I plan on wrapping my strands around this tapered curling wand here and there to give it more of a styled look when I need to look a bit more put together. (Margot Robbie's hairstylist Bryce Scarlett, did a demo, here.)"

Quitting: T-Shirts

"I'm quitting buying any more new T-shirts (just for the time being!). I have so many styles right now—from cropped to ribbed and plain to graphic—and the truth is I really only wear a handful of my favorites. On the flip side, my closet is in desperate need of some solid statement tops that I can wear to elevate the look of my jeans."

Quitting: Nail Polish

"I'm a low-key nail-polish hoarder and have vowed not to buy any more colors this year, but I am actively trying to up my makeup game. I do a version of the same makeup every day, so I'm ready to break out my comfort zone and start experimenting with colorful palettes. The first step? A bright eye shadow palette."

Next up, these will be the biggest makeup trends of 2020.

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