5 Things Top Bloggers Always Have in Their Closets

If we had to pick one group of women who constantly give us sartorial inspiration, it’d be influencers. From bloggers to editors to It girls to street style stars, one thing is certain: These ladies know how to curate the perfect outfit. Even when they’re running around town, they always look effortlessly cool, and after chatting with Geri Hirsch of Because I’m Addicted and Erin Elizabeth of Style by the People, we know why.

Aside from their styling skills, Hirsch and Elizabeth put a lot of consideration into what they buy. You know how it seems like they never have a shortage of wardrobe options? It’s because they’re good editors. They buy staples that can work in any scenario, and they know when to splurge and save. That being said, we’ve noticed a few items that most fashion girls have on rotation. With a little help from Hirsch and Elizabeth—and the Who What Wear collection—you’ll be able to incorporate similar style sensibilities into your own wardrobes.

Keep scrolling for the hero pieces you should stock your fall closet with.

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